Tuesday, May 25, 2010

5 More TV Shows You May Have Forgotten

After bringing you all a list of 5 supernatural TV shows you may have forgotten, I've come up with more TV shows that I used to watch back in the day. Some are from years back, others are from the 90s. Mind you, back in the 90s, cable wasn't the way it is now and only a few channels were standard back in the day.

Much of the exotic TV came in the form of syndicated shows and basically Fox putting anything on broadcast TV.

In any case, these are some shows I decided to follow because either they had a hot actress, involved some sci fi element and had kung fu. Ahhhh thank you You Tube for letting me time travel back to these awesome days of the toob.

5.) The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.

Network: Fox/Syndicated (1994)

the jaded viewer says: The thing about Bruce Campbell is that after seeing Evil Dead, you became a fan of anything he was in. Bruce is in a TV show? I'm so gonna watch it. It's a western with sci-fi elements and its oddly bonkers. I know Brisco fans became Jack of all Trade fans. C'mon admit it.

4.) Black Sash

Network: The WB (2003)

the jaded viewer says: My main man Russel Wong's second show that 's on this list (I watched any show that had Asians in it because American TV doesn't have Asians in it). I think they axed this show mid 2nd episode. Show was about some wrongly imprisoned Chinese martial artist who opens up a school in San Francisco. His students included Ray J, Missy Peregrym, Sarah Carter and Mako. Stereotypes galore in this one (because we all know every Chinese man, woman and child knows kung fu)

3.) Cleopatra 2525

Network: Syndicated (2000-2001)

the jaded viewer says: OK ok, as part of Universal TV's Action Pack series, I didn't watch Cleopatra 2525 for the acting, story or special effects. I watched it for the very revealing outfits, especially the ones worn by our ditzy blonde lead Cleo (played by the hot Jennifer Sky). It's so silly sci-fi about armed flying machines versus kick ass girls you'd really don't mind the cheesiness when Gina Torres and Victoria Pratt are blasting bad guys and machines in tight leather.

2.) Time Trax

Network: Syndicated (1993)

the jaded viewer says: I'll admit, I'm a time travel junkie. If it be Quantum Leap or a BTTF cartoon, I'm watching it. So a little show about a cop from the future traveling to the past to catch bad guys is MUST SEE TV for me. He had an AI disguised as a credit card!

1.) Vanishing Son

Network: Syndicated (1994)

the jaded viewer says: Another TV show that was part of Universal TV's Action Pack series and starring Russell Wong. Seriously, it had an Asian male as the lead and getting "action" from all sorts of yummy ladies. Basically Vanishing Son started off as 4 made to TV movies about 2 brothers who come from war ravaged China to start anew (thank goodness they didn't end up in Arizona). But racist bad guys are everywhere so Jian-Wa has to kick ass to protect the innocent.
Yes, this is the TV movies that had Rebecca Gayheart in them playing Jian-Wa's girlfriend. This show made it possible for Asian guys to date white women.


Do you remember any of these shows? Want to reminisce with me about the good ole days of odd TV shows? Share your thoughts.


  1. huge fan of brisco county... i wish when a show gets the ax, they would do a extra episode so we can find out
    what really happens... get our closer...

  2. Brisco should NEVER EVER be forgotten. Terrible time slot for a great show that featured the unusual pairing of Ash and Sho' Nuff in a classic Western setting.

    And yes I remember Cleopatra. When you bring up Cleopatra, it makes me think of two things: Victoria Pratt's banging body and Jack of All Trades.

  3. You know CBS Sports stole the opening theme song from Brisco...unbelievable.

    Geof - Victoria Pratt was the A lister when it came to those syndicated cheesy shows...glad I could give you a visual.

  4. I have to admit, I couldnt have forgotten about any of those because I didnt even know any of them existed!

  5. There was a show that came after Cleo2525 with Bruce Campbell which Geof kindly pointed out was Jack of All Trades. I used to watch those two back to back late at knight on my parents wood console TV in the living room.