Thursday, May 06, 2010

More Gimmicky Horror: Cut (Trailer)

Maybe the jaded UK horror viewers have seen this movie already. So do chime in if you have. But here is yet another example of a horror movie using a gimmick to draw attention to itself. Nope it's not in 3D, nor does it have a viral marketing machine and it isn't a faux documentary or bill itself as "based on true events".

Nope, that's not the gimmick. The gimmick is this:

The entire movie is shot with one continuous take for 62 minutes.

I gotta admit, it does sound damn intriguing. So what's Cut all about?

Five friends return from a cocktail party to a cottage deep inside the English woods of the Peak District. Having brushed off the notion of urban legends as rubbish, never occurring in reality, our protagonist's slowly find themselves weaving through their very own horror story.

Well lets just say its a home invasion flick, one long continous home invasion flick ala The Strangers, Vacancy and Ils aka Them. I'll say this , well because it's next.

Without any cuts, it actually might work. No jump scares, no rapid edited shots of "slasher" and "victim". Then again, what are they going to fill the time with? I mean it seems like it would be boring to see the characters talk about...well EVERYTHING. How the hell are they gonna scare us without cuts? (no pun intended)

Some reviews are in and though slightly negative, the consensus is the gimmick is sorta effective. Well we'll be the judge of that. Check out the mile a minute, very much edited trailer below. What do you think? Can a gimmick like this actually work?


  1. looks interesting. first time I saw his done was with RUSSIAN ARC, worth checking out.Glad horror is catching up with it.

  2. Conceptual brilliance, but I would expect it to be at least slightly terrible. This was attempted once before in INVASION, about a cop investigating an alien encounter filmed from his dashboard mount.

  3. I'll have to be the guneau pig and watch it so we I can report on if it works. Hey at least its not 3D or an interactive gimmick.

    Horror is so weird. They try so many gimmicky things...anybody think about making an original movie for once? You listening Hollywood?

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