Tuesday, May 11, 2010

From the makers of Black Devil Doll comes.....BottomFeeder!

If you follow this online blogging publication, you know how much I praised Shawn Lewis Black Devil Doll so much, I might as well have been is internet slave. I even reviewed the book! So when I got the update of what Lowest Common Denominator's next flick was going to be, I got fuckin wet.

It's not Black Devil Doll 2. Oh man, its waaaay fuckin better.

Let me introduce you to the next big thing in rape monster horror.......


Look at the poster above (go here for a even larger look). Here is the plot like we need one.

Lieutenant Joe Angell is a bad cop whose seen it all . . . but he's never seen anything like the hideous monstrosity that shambles out of a dark California river with a taste for blood, on the hunt for nubile female victims.

It's a monster spawned of toxic waste and depraved humanity, a mutation of man and fish that must rape and kill to state its distorted desires---and only Joe Angell knows where it will strike next! As the insane, deformed creature stalks it's prey, Angell is haunted by bizarre visions that lead him into a slimy web of evil . . . until the final, fiery confrontation explodes with a fury you will never forget. Prepare yourself.

Where HUMANOIDS FROM THE DEEP and BAD LIEUTENANT left off . . . the sick, twisted nightmare of BOTTOMFEEDER begins. And no one is safe.

This movie had me at "hunt" "nubile" "female" and "victims". Yay hip hip yay.

Head over to the official site and become a fan on Facebook.

Shawn and Jonathan Lewis are the pioneers of the modern exploitation horror genre. If you still haven't seen Black Devil Doll, your missing out on the most fucked up LOL funny movie ever made in Oakland, California.

Bottomfeeder is going to put monster rape horror back on the fuckin map. Seriously, that's a good thing.


  1. Wait.. theres no giant rat OR Tom Sizemore in this one.. Im thinking the other Bottom Feeder. Im all in dude, LOVE the Noids

  2. Huh, just glancing past this I thought this was the poster for a film from the 1980s. I can't say I'm a fan of Lowest Common Denominator, but that's a neat poster anyway.