Monday, May 24, 2010

The WTF List: Lost and the Series Finale

As somebody who has watched Lost since it debuted, you always feel sad when a series you've been following for 6 years ends. So after watching the series finale, I thought I'd recap the finale with a WTF list but instead I'll do a list of what I liked about the show.

Sure I know some of you are NOT Lost fans so feel free to come back tomorrow and back to your regularly scheduled program. For you Losties, let's look back on some jaded leftover thoughts on Lost and why its one of the best TV shows ever.

Sure the finale doesn't seem Sopranos or The Wire-ish in its "ahhhhhh I get it" sorta ending but its as fitting as they come. Just more mythos to the bitter end, more "I'm not getting it" but pure resolution to the characters, which was always the most important aspect of the show.

Lost....The WTF List! (Spoilers obvious if you plan on watching the show)

2.) My running Tuesday Twitter support of Number of Miles Straume sarcastic remarks. I'll miss keeping track.
3.) I'll miss my daily Kate in a tight shirt emotional baggage scenes
4.) Mr. Clucks introduced its version of the Double's called the Quadruple Up. Thanks Hugo.
5.) I'm looking forward to watch Josh Holloway play a rogue, womanizer in a future film.
6.) Sun and Jin are the last Asians we will ever see on American television. If you see Asians on American TV, its like freakin Bigfoot.
7.) Where's my DriveShaft E retrospective?
8.) Benjamin Linus should have a whole site devoted to himself (somebody make this)
9.) Thank you Walt for being some sort of Deus Ex Machina that didn't Machina
10.) I'm thinking Sayid should stay out of Arizona
11.) John Locke is a metaphor and an allegory and a euphemism and a .....
12.) If we can get Betty White on SNL, we very well can get Expose made into a real TV show
13.) What happens when Emile De Ravine actually has a baby...its going to be sooo weird looking at her right?
14.) Love the pane glass window with the donkey wheel and images from different religions (from the finale)
15.) Can we get a Desmond and Penny sitcom going?
16.) Thank goodness Vincent made it to the very about Hurley's bird....
17.) What's in an Apollo chocolate bar?
18.) Is it me or the next time you see a plane crash in a TV or movie your first instinct is to make a Lost reference.
19.) Jack, never stop believing (sorry I got mixed up with my series finales)
20.) It's a solid ending to a magnificent show

I liked the finale. Sure, there's a part of you that wanted some explanations but then again the main focus of the show is the characters. The theories abound on exactly WTF happened but lets just be happy we got to know these fictional characters for 6 years.

Thanks Darlton for that awesomeness.

"I don't believe in many things, but I do believe in duct tape."

-Miles Straume


  1. it was crap

  2. I'm still at the start of season 4, though I'm yet to find anyone who actually watched the final episode. Still that could have alot to do with it being shown at 5am!!
    Still loving Fringe, even though it's pretty much the x files under a diffrent name.

    Good to see another WTF list

  3. Thanks all. I may do a best series finale list at some point. Suggestions? Nominations?

  4. Ive always been out on this friggin show, my wife just started watching season 1 on netflix and I was soooo bored.. Too many whiny cry babies for my taste, I need some cannibalism QUICK