Wednesday, May 05, 2010

This is the only reason they are remaking Deadly Friend in 3D

Have you seen Wes Craven's Deadly Friend? Probably not. And you're not alone. I've seen it but it's been a while since I remembered while it's memorable. Well of course! It's the infamous basketball death scene which sticks out like Shaquille O'Neal at a little people convention. I posted the basketball scene a while back and now with news that Deadly Friend will be remade in 3D (which I freakin Nostradmused that would happen), the basketball scene is the #1 reason why its going to be in 3D.

So I pose the question: Can one scene warrant a 3D Hollywood remake?

You be the judge. Watch it below.

I mean that scene is awesome right? Did Hollywood actually do what I think it did?

Did they see this one scene on YouTube and some exec was like: "Holy Eli Roth! That scene is fuckin the shit! Let's remake this movie immediately!!!!"

Umm, that's exactly what they did.

The only reason why Deadly Friend was remotely interesting was the uber hotness of Kristy Swanson and our 80s obsession with everything robotic. I mean we all know about Chopping Mall right?

Even the premise is completely ridiculous.

Paul is a new kid in town with a robot named "BB". He befriends Samantha and the three of them have a lot of good times together. That is, until Samantha's abusive father throws her down some stairs and kills her. In an effort to save her life, Paul implants BB's computer brain into Samantha's human brain

So what else could they steal from the original and make it burst from the screen? How about glass through the stomach? You want that shit in 3D don't you???

That not enough? How about one of the Sam killing her dad? (FF >> 3:55) See that shovel throw (its going to be awesome in 3D!!) , wrist snapping in 3D (soo cool!), strangulation comin right atcha!

And of course the ending is ripe for some 3D-ness.

This is movie has so many potential 3D moments, I can't believe they didn't think of doing this sooner (umm that was all sarcasm my horror minions)

I am 100% sure the basketball scene is why we're getting this entire movie in 3D. The movie is about killer robot!!! A Yellow killer robot!

It's not going to be too long until they remake Night of the Comet and Chopping Mall as well. It's scary when I'm too psychic for my own good.


  1. I knew EXACTLY what scene you were talking about even before I clicked on the link. I love this film. Such a gem

  2. really enjoyed the movie, saw it in the show... i mean it was a silly movie, but
    i like this type of movie. i am confused are the remaking the film or just adding
    3d to the original? i will sit and wait for my answer...

  3. I GUESS the premise is ok enough where the film could benefit from a huge overhaul.. but how much.. HOW MUCH/!?!?!?!eeeq21~!!~ Remake Fail.

  4. In 2010, are we really still into killer robots? I assume they have to be killer cyborgs...which I get the feeling this might go into...and it will have that basketball scene because its freakin awesome.

    Oh dumbasses.

  5. man, i remember seeing this movie in the theater back in the day. talk about god awful. a remake could only be make it better i guess

  6. I haven't seen this in a long time. That chick used to be hot.