Monday, February 22, 2010

5 Supernatural TV Shows You May Have Forgotten

I just want to say, for the record that I do watch TV. :-P I'm a big Lost fan and an even bigger Joss Whedon fan (as you can tell from my very active reviews of Dollhouse). But a DVD release of a TV show I had watched years back jogged my memory of a few other TV shows that I use to watch back in the day.

I'm guessing you may have forgotten these. And if by some miracle, you remember any of these shows (which is why I'm writing this post), it'll be awesome to reminisce about em.

So here are a few cult TV shows from back in the day that had me as a devoted follower. Were you one too?

5.) Dark Angel

Network: Fox

Before Jessica Alba was being invisible and starring in various romantic comedies, I fell in love with her uber hotness in James Cameron's futuristic sci fi weirdness called Dark Angel.

Fun Fact!: I developed a serious disease because of this show. See below.

Dark Angel Syndrome

1.) Watching any particular form of entertainment (movie, tv show, etc.) because the hotness of lead actress outweighs the horrible plot, bad acting and totally shitty experience of the show.

2.) Dark Angel is a reference to the hotness that is Jessica Alba and the reason why men watched in pain 2 seasons of this James Cameron inspired show.

Mind you the plot of super engineered soldiers, an electromagnetic pulse crippling the USA and covert government searching for said soldiers was kinda cheesy it did have Alba riding a motorcycle in the outfit above.

4.) The Kindred: The Embraced

Network: Fox

I'm a big vampire TV show fan. Something about vampires, I just dig. Angel and Buffy are tops on my list and so was this short lived show called Kindred: The Embraced which debuted on Fox in 1996.

Show was about warring vampire clans and starred the oh so hot Stacy Haiduk.

The show was a little confusing, lots of cop drama mixed in with Godfather like squabbling. Overall, a decent soap opera vampire drama that was kinda cool.

3.) Freaky Links

Network: Fox

Yet another Fox show that bit the dust too early. Freaky Links was spawned by Haxan creators of The Blair Witch Project after their success with the film.

The fun part of the show was the viralness and the social community it spawned. It was the first show that ran in conjunction with a website that sort of tied it in.

Starring some 20 somethings, the group would get an e-mail from somebody claiming paranormal or supernatural or urban legends and they'd investigate it.

It was way ahead of its time. It's like a reality show of

2.) Forever Knight

Network: CBS

Forever Knight was part of the Crimetime after Primetime schedule before Letterman got his Late Show.

It had similarities to "Angel" in that it was a show about a vampire named Nick Knight who wants to atone for his evil by doing good and working as a Seattle cop.

I'll admit, I have all 3 seasons of this show as it was filled with some interesting characters ( he had a comic relief partner, his pseudo BFF was a medical examiner and his sire was Nigel Bennett, a very old vamp).

Good cop show which had vampire mythos mixed in. Glad I can rewatch this anytime I want.

1.) She-Wolf of London

Network: Syndicated

So this is the show that sparked this post. It recently got released on DVD and I'm thinking of buying it.

It sounds like its from the old classic movie but it has more in common with An American Werewolf in London.

Starring the hot Kate Hodge, she gets bitten by a werewolf which leads to one of the funniest werewolves you'll ever see on TV. She teams up with an English professor (we call them Gileses) and they investigate supernatural cases all over England.

I mean it wasn't the most awesomest TV shows but for its time, it suppressed my appetite of werewolf fancy. I have to say, I thought it was a bloody good time.

If you remember any of these shows, drop a line and go all nostalgy. Don't be ashamed that you too watched Dark Angel for Ms. Alba. The fact that these shows have gained cult followings and warranted DVD releases years later is pretty amazing.

Are there other supernatural/paranormal/horror/sci-fi shows that you want to see again?


  1. Oh, god. Kindred, The Embraced was so terrible. My friends and I were all knee deep in the White Wolf pencil and paper game that the show was based on and they all loved it but I thought it was garbage. Bad writing. Bad acting. However, I quite liked Forever Knight. That show was total cult. Reruns on Sci-Fi back in the day helped me catch up with it. I still like it quite a bit.

  2. Forever Knight was a good one. Though I can't say I've seen many of the others except for Dark Angel. Also, I think American Gothic would be a good fit for this list as well. We re-visited that show when it was released on DVD a few years back and found it very entertaining.

  3. nice post, all the rush of memories of "forever knight" and "dark angel" intrigued on the others...

  4. Dark Angel--that show had some truly terrible moments, and ALWAYS had the most painful dialogue ("What are you? Just another playa-playa from the Himalayas?"). But it had Jessica Alba. And she went into heat on more than one occasion. Oh, baby!

    Am I the only one that remembers Nightmare Cafe? I loved that show, and was totally bummed when it got the axe.


  5. What, no Dark Shadows? Barnabas Collins remains in my mind the only television vampire.

  6. I checked out Kindred the Embraced when it hit DVD and thought it had a lot of potential. It seemed to get a fairly abrubt ending.

    The first season of Dark Angel was ok, but the second was straight up unwatchable.

    Someone mentioned Dark Shadows-the early 90's revamp is on Watch Now as of this week.

  7. @Mike Didn't add Dark Shadows well because nobody's forgotten about Dark Shadows. Mike your totally right about Dark Angel, S1 was ok, S2 had mutants (?!?).

    @Jonny Nightmare Cafe...oh man...Craven TV awesomness.

    @Cinema Kindred was indeed cheesy...but weren't all the 90s shows sorta like copycats of each other?

  8. Ohhhh I never missed DARK ANGEL, I was in love with Jessica Alba years before she made it big. Only Kate Bekinsale outdid the hot leather look in UNDERWORLD

  9. Big Forever Knight fan right here! I've been catching up with it on DVD recently and it's still a blast. Great fun, a great cast, and just the right amount of early '90s cheese.

  10. Never heard of the other shows, but I was a faithful Dark Angel viewer when it was on. The only time I watched Jessica Alba--outside of Idle Hands--that didn't feel like a waste of time.

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  12. The only reason I watched Dark Angel was because Alba was hot.

  13. I remember watching She-Wolf of London at the time, but didn't realise till now that it was supposed to be an actual tv series, I thought it was a one off drama type thing. All I remember about it now is that Jet from UK Gladiators was the she-wolf. Funny what sticks in your head. She presents segments on my local news now. Sad.

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