Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Happy Town has hot women, good food and magicians!

Once in a while, you say to somebody..."Oh, I'd be more than happy to do that!"

How can you be "More than happy?" To me, this sounds like a dangerous mental condition!

"We had to put Dave in the mental home!"
"He was... whoa...."
"More than happy!"

-George Carlin

I always loved that quote from George Carlin. How can you be more than happy? Somebody lock anybody who is more than happy immediately!

Somehow watching Happy Town, ABC's new TV show reminded me of that awesome Carlin bit. So as this show has a tinge of horror in it, I figured I'd give my thoughts after watching the pilot episode entitled "In This Home On Ice". And what better way to review a new show with by doing a WTF List!

Can you smell the freshly baked awesomeness?

Here we go.

1.) Ice fishing...because middle America loves beer, guns and ice fishing
2.) He totally nailed it!
3.) Holy Hostel lovers! It's Laura German from Hostel 2!
4.) Holy Whedon-holics! It's Amy Acker from Dollhouse and Angel!
5.) Holy Parker Can't Lose! It's the fat, big guy....the fat, big guy dude!
6.) Oooooooooh its a mysterious halo question mark sign...I'm shitting in my pants
7.) It's the guy from Wings!
8.) People seem to have gone missing in Haplin....wait Magic who? Damn you Magic Johnson!
9.) It's the guy from Jurassic Park and Event Horizon!
10.) 3rd floor is off limits....please go to the 3rd floor!
11.) Representing the token black guy: Bunny Colvin! (aka the guy from The Wire!)
12.) Oh that teenage bullying angst!
13.) Gratuitous investigative red herring
14.) Sheriff is suffering from some sort of too much happy!
15.) These women are like desperate housewives from the 1930s

16.) Well everybody has a mysterious back story...sheriff, Jurassic Park guy and now the girl from Hostel
17.) Sheriff has gone nuts...he needs to take a chill pill
18.) Ooooooh semi twist that makes no sense because we don't know anything about the story or what the hell is going on
19.) See that's the problem with mystery shows....you get thrown into the deep end and you hope the viewers get hooked early on...if they don't your totally screwed and canceled in a heartbeat.
20.) Let me just say all these young actresses on this show are super duper hot...it could keep me watching this show before it gets canceled next week.

Well there ya go. Will Happy Town even last until tomorrow? I'm not sure. I kinda think its "ehhhh" so far. I mean its visual female yumminess, a little Leave it to Beaver meets X-Files and its got its own mythos and that's all from the first episode.

Hmmm I figured it out. The Magic Man is the Smoke Monster! Nice crossover ABC!

Well in any case, ABC give it a chance. Lost is ending, what else you got really?


  1. Minus some VERY awkward scenes with the teenager characters, there was just enough in this to keep me interested. Gotta love Sam Neill!
    I'll give it a few hours of my precious time and see how it goes.

  2. Yeah! it has all the right combos... I am a happy ZOMBIE... thanks for the solid!