Saturday, January 09, 2010

Awards-O-Matic @ the jaded viewer!

WOW! It seems people actually read this thing. Yay me! Well, the jaded viewer got some praise from the horror blogosphere last week and after my post last week about how far the site has come in 3 years, it's finally resulted in some nominations for some neat-o awards for the site.

First up, the Kreativ Blogger Award (yup that's how its spelled)

Thanks to....

Matt @ Chuck Norris Ate My Baby
Chuck @ Zombies DON'T Run
Rev. Phanton @ Midnight Confessions
Hayes @ Hayes Hudson's House of Horror
Cortez the Killer @ Planet of Terror
B-Movie Becky @ The Horror Effect

Lastly, the One Lovely Blog Award

Thanks to....

Chuck @ Zombies DON'T Run
Sarah @ Scare Sarah
Hayes @ Hayes Hudson's House of Horror
Cortez the Killer @ Planet of Terror
Chris @ All Things Horror


Seems I have to follow some rules for the Kreativ Blogger Award and return the favor. They are as follows:

1.) Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2.) Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3.) Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4.) Name 7 things about yourself that people might find interesting.
5.) Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6.) Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7.) Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated

OK here we go.....

1.) Done!

2.) Done!

3.) Done!

4.) Well this should be educational.
  • I was a college radio station DJ for 3 years and would play punk rock and talk about myself in the 3rd person. I even got a cult following of tweens from a small upstate NY town.
  • I was walking in the East Village in NYC and almost stepped on Famke Janssen's dog
  • I worked at a video store while in college and worked in its "adult" section. I can now no longer look at porn the same way again.
  • Years ago, Insano Steve and I drove to at least 5 different video stores across a hundred miles looking for Cannibal Ferox (we eventually found it in a video store next to a farm)
  • I work for a video game/movie website doing tech related stuff
  • I love Man vs Food and competitive eating
  • I am a die hard Mets fan, bleeding orange and blue
5.) Well it seems the blogs I want to nominate have already been nominated. So I'm just gonna give my thoughts on how I feel about everybodys blog....screw the rules!

All Things Horror: Mike and Chris's opinions are always dead on and in sync with mine. One day I want to go to one of their screenings!

Basement of Ghoulish Decadence: Jayson's got a awesome collection and he shares them with all of us. Solid blog and eerily we got the same taste in flicks

Chuck Norris Ate My Baby: Matt can kill two stones with one bird. Contrary to popular belief, America is not a democracy, it is a CNAMBtatorship.

Dollar Bin Horror
: From my little quote: Dollar Bin Horror digs into the used bin of films and books that have gone the way of the dinosaur, repackages them into small morsels of insightful funnyness and keeps you posted on all things horror. And it's free to read!

Entertaining Evil
: Rene spews his venom at all things pop culture. Dude curses more than me.

Freddy in Space: We all know Johnny and FIS. I gather horror inspiration every time I read his posts.

Full Moon Reviews: Fred's reviews are hil-freakin-larious. His Things I Learned from... are clever and creative. Good times.

Horror Dose: The rookie on the block. Chris's blog is right up my alley, short and to the point.

The Horror Digest: Andre's "Way to Go Moments..." keep making me comeback to the site over and over again. One of the best in the business.

Hayes Hudson's House of Horror: Hayes is a rookie but he's got my rookie of the year vote. Good stuff coming out from the House of Horror.

The Horror Effect: B-Movie Becky's reviews are hilarious and damn informative. Her reviews of the entire Nightmare on Elm Street series were muy bueno awesome.

Midnight Confessions: A brother in sleaze and exploitation flicks. We both keep the genre alive!

Planet of Terror: Well I won my first contest over at Planet of Terror. But Cortez the Killer sheds light to the good, the bad and the ugly of horror and its always unbiased and opinionated.

Scare Sarah: I don't know anybody from the UK. But Sarah's blog gives us an unAmerican perspective which is refreshing. Fantastic insights ranging from flicks to books.

Zombies DON'T Run: You never know what you'll get when Chuck puts up a post. It's like a grab bag of horror goodness.

Those are just a few of my little bloggity blog reviews of the horror blogosphere. Every blog on the right hand nav bar is awesome. Different spectives on horror.

If I missed anybody, don't worry. I'll write up something for you on the next award viralness that comes out.

Thanks you all for your support! Now I return you to your regularly scheduled program.....


  1. Thanks mate! Don't know anyone from the UK? Well now you do! Welcome anytime... Congrats on your awards!

  2. Congratulations on the rewards. You actually had one from my blog as well, but I forgot about the going around and notifying everyone part of the deal. Oops. Keep up the great work.

  3. I am also a former video store employee--stocking porn movies was always interesting--but never as interesting as the people that rented them. There used to be this little old blue haired lady that would come and rent them from time to time and it disturbed me to no end.

  4. omg you are soooo sweet! thanks! and a HUGE Congrats!!!

  5. Yay! Thanks! Which we reminds me...I must write a WTG Moment this weekeend!

  6. Thank you good sir! Our best for an amazing 2010. Keep it real yo!

  7. Thank you good sir! Our best for an awesome 2010. Keep it real yo!

  8. Congrats jaded! You deserve the accolades. Here's to a great 2010! I nominated you for the OLB award as well, but saw that you received it from so many people already. I gave you mention on my blog anyway.

  9. Your words are too kind and too funny! Congrats and thank you so much and Man VS Food is awesome by the way!

  10. That's funny about Famke's dog. Thanks for the nice words. :D You are definitely deserving of these awards.

  11. Thanks all for the kind words. The fun part of being part of this blogpshere is meeting like bloggers who have the same passion you do.

    I feel like were in a Flintstones Water Buffalo club.

  12. A most well deserved award your jadedess! I noticed you had already grabbed noms on many other sites by the time I got to hand out more nods, but JV has quickly become one of my favs as well!