Friday, November 13, 2009

The Thread: What's your horror movie idea?

It's Friday the 13th! Don't worry, this is not a Friday the 13th retrospective or anything. But I was thinking some of us (the horror bloggers) have watched a great deal of horror flicks. Some of us are even potential filmmakers. We've all said...I can make a better movie than that!

But really, do we actually have better ideas of what a good horror movie could be? Well I think I do. Hopefully nobody steals my idea, but if they do, please give me some damn credit.

Here is my idea for a flick. I got this inspiration after watching Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon (which I ranked #1 in my Top Horror Movies of 2007). I also got some ideas after seeing the teaser posters for Joss Whedon's Cabin in the Woods. As you can tell from my writing style on my reviews and posts and reviewing Dollhouse, I'm a Whedonaniac. I just like the quirky dialogue and the funny convos and the characters he's written and created.

So my idea is a self aware horror film. What's it called?

It's called "Final Girl".

Basically its about a girl who learns how to defeat slashers (she learns her skills from an aging final girl and this is done via a gratuitous 80s montage) and goes from town to town and kills slasher legends who are killing dumb, oversexed and drug smoking teens.

Sounds generic right?

The twist here is she goes undercover, infiltrates the teens that are being stalked and slaughtered and then unleashes her final girl fury. She knows all the tricks of the trade. Like how to survive by not running aimlessly, she doesn't partake in any vices, she does the research necessary to kill the killer, she listens to the crazy old man and she's seen all the things other final girls have done to avoid death and survive.

Sorta like Buffy, but referencing final girls of other horror films, it'll be totally self aware. Possible winks to the audience of what they know. Everybody has written rules on how to survive a horror movie, but our main final girl will know all these rules and written a few of her own.

Obviously the sequel would be "Final Dude".

Well that's my idea. Now, I'm curious as to what yours would be? Do you have an idea for a horror movie or did you actually make a short or feature? If so, what was the story, the idea?

If you don't want to share because you think somebody will steal it...I totally understand. But if you had an idea for a horror movie that you think people would like to hear...please share.

So what's your story idea horror minions?


  1. My idea is 'Zombie Pope'. The title says it all really.

  2. That's a great idea! Alright, in the spirit of sharing (and give me some goddamn credit too if anyone steals it), my idea is a zombie film that focuses on the actual transformation process. Probably more drama than pure horror. But it shows the slow devolving of a middle aged man not knowing what it is exactly that is happening to him (i.e. is it early onset alzheimers or dementia?). Playing on our fears of being completely rendered helpless by physical (and psychological) changes that occur as we get older. I won't give away the story arc and ending but that's the basic gist.

  3. Haha, I LOVE your idea! It's completely awesome. Somewhere down the line I can see something like "How to Survive a Horror Movie...if you're black." I'm an aspiring filmmaker. I've posted some of my shorts, which you can find here The second one, HellL.A. is a fake trailer I made for a movie about demons invading Los Angeles. I really really want to make it a feature would be completely kick me. :D

  4. well if I couldn't make one of my stories into a film (and don't you think America needs a horror film called 'Granny Panties'?) I would love to do a serious and scary remake of MANOS THE HANDS OF FATE with Sam Rockwell as Torgo and Christopher Walken as the Master.

  5. Definitely a great idea Jaded, though I hate to burst your bubble and tell you someone retroactively stole your idea and made a comic about it called Hack/Slash. Sposed to be a film adaptation soon too, so someone will have your check in the mail =D It is most definitely an AWESOME idea though, and BEHIND THE MASK may be one of my favorite films of all time.

    My script is slowly popping up through ILHM, its called LUNATIC, and it is about a woman who is arrested in cold blood for a series of murders she cant remember. Its up to a detective to figure out if she actually committed the murders, but he slowly begins giving in to her fractured memories and nightmares, believing she may be a werewolf. I also have another top secret project in the works I cant discuss, since it would be stolen in half a second since it is much broader and not as personal as my LUNATIC project.

  6. Thanks for the heads up Carl. You're right. Hack/Slash is totally my idea. Looks like I was a little late on this one. Hmmm I swear on the Necronomicon that I never heard of this comic book before. Oh well.

    Hmm maybe I should pick this comic book up. See what they did with my idea!

    Everybody else, all your ideas are awesome BTW. Now if only we could write a screenplay, raise some funds and hire a crew...we'd all be famous!

  7. On the plus side, youll be the first one of us to see our ideas on screen lol.. AND you wont have to write the script!!