Thursday, January 28, 2010

Exploitation Awesomeness or Sleazy Horror Porn?

If you walk into any mom and pop video store, you'll see the same layout in each one. The action flicks are next to the sci-fi movies, which are next to the horror movies. And what's next to the horror movies? Yup, saloon style doors with bells on them signaling the entrance to the porn section.

Porn and horror are like a fat man is with a Big Mac. They go hand in hand.

So what happens when you mix horror with porn? You get Shane Ryan's Amateur Porn Star Killer movies. These trilogy of films aren't like Zombie Strippers where porn actors and actresses show some skin and die a gruesome death. It's not even having Sasha Grey in your flick. Nope the APK movies are serial killer, shot on video diaries where he lures girls, has sex with them (with full frontal penetration, BJ's and the rest) then kills them for his own delusional happiness.

Now that's blending the genres together. I unfortunately have seen the 2 other flicks in this trilogy. After reviewing Part 2, I went back and saw Part 1 (well you know for research purposes only) and they both sucked (...literally). I don't think I'll see Part 3 but that's why I'm posting this trailer.

The two camps of Shane Ryan's work are split. Some say he's a mad genius having perfected this subgenre.

Here's some PRO APK quotes:

"...AMATEUR PORN STAR KILLER 3 makes films like SAW and HOSTEL look like Disney films."

-Basement Screams

All other sites and blogs basically say these flicks are unwatchable pieces of garbage. But the fact that I am TALKING about this and I've warranted a post about his flicks says something. Like porn itself, there are different fetishes and types of pornography (and all of them are a Google search away to view for your perverted enjoyment).

So if we can have midget transsexual porn or 2 girls 1 cup porn, there is enough room for amateur porn star killer porn. It's highly amazing that he's made 3 of these flicks. Who actually watches these flicks when porn is plentiful and free on the interweb?

Hmm could it be because there is a horror aspect to it? That's why gratuitous sex scenes are in horror movies. Because somehow we want to see death when we are our most vulnerable. You can read into that all you want, find the subtext or some shit, but its true. It's like the fear of dying when we're asleep...we can't see it coming.

Horror and porn are very distinct in their goals. Horror poses to scare the shit out of you and make you see something cruel and disturbing. Porn is designed to make you aroused. These are two emotions that somehow are not designed to coexist at the same time. I'm just saying.

But more to the point, is horror porn a fad or will it become a mainstay in the various subgenres of horror.

Such with the August Underground films, new sub genres of horror are peeking into the horror consciousness. Some I've noticed are:
  • Serial Killer porn horror
  • Vomit horror
  • Animal cruelty horror
  • The "lets kidnap a girl and threaten to kill her" pseudo snuff film
  • Religious iconography parody horror movies (eg. Jesus Christ: Serial Killer)
  • Slavery horror
  • Incest horror (I've actually seen c/o of Corey Udler's Incest Death Squad which incidentally has a quote from this site on the cover)
In any case, you decide if these are fringes of horror or will we be seeing more of this stuff. I've posted the trailer to the 3rd APK movie below.

Part 3 Trailer


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  2. Great post! I'd at least give it a shot, but I don't know how long I can watch that kind of movie for without getting bored by it once I blew my load! The handheld aspect is intriguing though. I think there will always be room for numerous variations of porn and horror, so the mixing of the genres is normal, even though there goals slightly different. Though fear can be sexually arousing for some. By the way...vomit horror is so gross.

  3. Sounds like a shitty movie. I don't believe this genre is going away anytime soon. This form of "entertainment" has its beginning with Marquis de Sade almost 300 years ago. Check out "120 Days of Sodom" for a sick film adaption of a Marquis de Sade novel.
    Remember that most serial killers have some type of sexual fetish that drives their urge to kill over and over.

  4. Im out on any of the extreme stuff, I mean I like both things individually, but when combined I dont find enjoyment in either aspect. Ill leave them to their niche audience