Friday, January 08, 2010

Best Horror Movies of 2009 (Compilation from the Interweb)

Well it's that time again where I make your life easier by compiling the top 10 (or best of) lists of every major film and horror site, horror blog and online magazine out there on the interwebs. I do this because I also like to see how it compares with my own list and because you deserve one place where you can go to instead of Googling for it.

About 70 or so lists are below (damn that's a hell-a-lot)

I haven't tallied all of them but checking on most of them, you'll see the same movies on the list though a lot of different #1's. Obviously, Drag Me To Hell, Orphan, Zombieland, Trick R Treat and Grace are among the ones on many people's lists.

Also, some movies that are sorta 2008-ish appear on many lists. A few have movies not widely released and some of the lists are Best Films of 2009 (not just horror).

However, most of these are horror lists and they are interesting to read. So sit back, grab a Capri Sun and munch on some leftover Christmas cookies and check out these sites below.

Fear of the Dark Online
Film School Rejects
Fort Worth Weekly

Freddy in Space
Fun Enclave
The Horror Club (#1-5)
The Horror Club (#6-10)
Horror Dose
The Horror Geek (via Horror Squad)
Horror Movie A Day
The Horror Section (BTK) (Deadhorse) (Deadmanwalkin) (Dustin) (Justin) (Meh) (GoldenSimatar) (PoppaScotch)
Horror Squad (Brad)
Horror Squad (Peter)
Horror Yearbook

The Jaded Viewer (#1-10)
The Jaded Viewer (#11-20)

Majestic 51
Midnight Confessions
Movie Cynics
Movie Reviews 360
Paradise of Horror
Rama's Screen
Rough Cut Reviews

Scars Magazine
Seattle PI
Shock Til You Drop (JA)
Shock Til You Drop (Rotten)
Shock Til You Drop (PD)
Shock Til You Drop (RD)
Sound on Sight

Zombies are Magic

Did I miss any sites that should be on this list? Do you have a "Best of" or Top 10 list of 2009 you want added in? Leave a comment and I'll add it in.

And you can check out my Top 10 Horror Movies of 2009 as well. It's the one with the big ass font in the middle of that list.


  1. Wow! What an extensive list!

    I almost forgot to check out your #1 - 10.
    gonna remedy that right now.

  2. Thanks Jaded. I'll check out that list!

  3. Corey - Link to your 2009 awards has been added!

  4. Best Of Lists... I will always love them. Thanks for taking the time to do this.

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