Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Walking Dead is Lost but with Zombies

Yeah I said it. The Walking Dead is Lost but with Zombies. Hmm, looks like you haven't been thinking the way I've been thinking. As a huge Lost fan, one can only think about the similarities between the two shows. It's pretty fuckin amazing how a zombie apocalypse and a crash landing on a mysterious island can be similar. Are you shaking your head? Well let's examine the characters of The Walking Dead and who they closely resemble on Lost.


1.) Rick is Jack

the jaded viewer says: Our cowboy messiah is our de facto leader of a rag tag group of survivors. He's thrust into this position and now has to make the tough decisions with a friend questioning his authority. He "woke up" into this hell on Earth and he has made already a few questionable decisions. Remind you of anyone?

2.) Shane is Locke

the jaded viewer says: Pretty obvious similarity here. Shane is now our chief antagonist who is willing to bend his morals in order to survive. He has fully understood the world he now lives in and has adapted. Locke started recruiting a group of his own and Shane has Andrea on his side. Locke never slept with Kate but you get my point.

3.) Lori is Kate

the jaded viewer says: The Walking Whore as she is now known is totally your Kate. She's hot, she's behind the scenes, she's kinda messed around and she has a BIG FUCKIN SECRET. Actually 2 in fact. She's trying to play both sides (making nice with Shane because of what he did for Carl...well sorta) but remains loyal to Rick.

Kinda Close

4.) Daryl is Sawyer

the jaded viewer says: Rednecks unite! Daryl, our resident bad ass hick has shown us uber toughness and a shielded tender side. He's hated by everybody but somehow has slowly become endeared by Carol. Sawyer too started off as the most hated man on the island but eventually became the lovable awesome guy with a sense of humor.

5.) Andrea is Sayid

the jaded viewer says: We're slowly seeing Andrea evolve into a sharpshooter and her tag team with Shane closely draws parallels with Locke and Sayid. They both have a similar agenda and clearly are on the outside of the group looking in.

6.) Glenn is Hurley

the jaded viewer says: This is an easy one. Your comic relief character is a bit socially awkward, scores with the hot girl but somehow is the most reliable survivor. Glenn is the guy who can get things and Hurley is the guy who can eat things. See?

Kind of a stretch...but!

7.) Dale is Claire

the jaded viewer says: Dale is our reliable old fuddy duddy. The confidante, the keeper of the pulse of the group. He kept Andrea alive and got T-Dog medical attention. He's the mechanic. Hmm not sure how Claire is like Dale. But I get the feeling Dale like Claire has a big secret that may change the group dynamic.

8.) Karl is Walt

the jaded viewer says: They're both kids. I'm hoping they're both "special" and have magical powers.

9.) T-Dog is Michael

the jaded viewer says: You're probably saying "C'mon, why you gotta be racist for?" Is it because they're both black? Well I'm not sure which Lost character T-Dog resembles as of yet. He did mention to Dale they thought they were "weak" part of the group. Michael had always thought that to....kinda. This comparison is more of a prediction. We'll see as we go along.

10.) Carol/Sophia are Jin/Sun

the jaded viewer says: Sometimes you just gotta take the mediocre characters and lump them up together. Did Jin disappear from Sun for a long period of time? You betcha. Where the fuck is Sophia? She must have walked to fuckin Washington DC by now.

11.) Hershel/Maggie/Carol/etc are The Others

the jaded viewer says: Hershel just pulled a Ben Linus didn't he??? Who knows what else is on that farm.

12.) Zombies are The Island

the jaded viewer says: This is also pretty obvious but the zombie wasteland is The Island with all it's dangers, craziness, quirkiness and unknowns. What else will they encounter as they travel along the zombie states of America. We've already gotten flashbacks of the nuclear holocaust of Atlanta. Will we get flash forwards?

It's not definitive yet but I would bet a dollar we may get some parallel storylines and a few more twists and turns that might be Lost like. I've been digging The Walking Dead and I hope they keep it fresh and dig deep into the characters as that is the ultimate driving force of any good show.

As long as we don't see all the characters in a church in the series finale, I think we're good.

C'mon Glenn. Get your freak on.

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  1. Well, The Walking Dead comic started in 2003 and Lost started in 2004. So it's more a case of Lost was The Walking Dead WITHOUT zombies.

  2. Totally agree about the similarities. I'm also a HUGE Lost nerd. The latest episode of The Walking Dead had Dale trying to keep a couple of secrets. His attempts at concealing these secrets were weak. He reminded me exactly of Hurley trying to keep a secret. Exactly. Especially when Dale was handing out food.

    Also, in the second to latest episode when Daryl falls from his horse down the water-slide, he yells, "Son of a bitch!" (Sawyer-ian). And when Andrea hands Daryl a book (that in itself reminded me of Lost), he flips through it and says, "No pictures?" Sawyer line again.

  3. There's an Android messaging app called Zlango that has the Walking dead features in it

  4. And the farm is the hatch

  5. this needs to be updated

    Shane is Sawyer
    Glen is Charlie
    Molly is Claire
    The Farm is the hatch

    and The Others is the group from the bar shoot out.

  6. I had a marathon of Walking Dead Seasons 1-2 today. It was my first time to watch it and these LOST similarities kept becoming clearer and clearer with each episode. I'm a LOST nerd too.

    I actually found this blog by Googling "Walking Dead LOST formula". It confirmed by observations.

    I must add that CDC is Dharma. CDC building was the hatch.
    Herschel is somewhat Ben. His farm was the Dharma commune.
    Dale is Bernard
    Sophia is Claire's missing baby (or the children from the Tailies)

  7. The Others are the zombies. They both seem to be the biggest threat at first, but it becomes obvious fairly early on that the real threat are your comrades.

    I don't think we know what the WD equivalent of the hatch is just yet, but it could very well be inside the prison. I like the idea that the hatch represented the CDC, because they both blowed up REEEEAL GOOOOOD. I think that comparing the compound to the farm is pretty practical. Then again, the compound could be the prison-- oh h*ll, just read the graphic novel...

    Now i just need to figure out where Art, Desmond and Ethan are going to come from. What about Michael Rooker's character? Tom? Ethan? Nikolai?

  8. The music is the same, the horribly painful S L O W pace, the second rate acting, silly plot twists... YUP LOST with Zombies although lower production values.

  9. Merle would be Sawyer....