Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Vote for the jaded viewer is a vote for......well me!!! (Bloody Disgusting's Horror Blogger Awards)

A few weeks ago, the horror blogosphere got in an uproar over Total Film's definition of a horror blog. So Mr. D of Bloody Disgusting (one of the nominated "blogs") decided to call out for nominations for the real horror bloggers out there.

And guess who nominated the jaded viewer?

Well I nominated my own blog of course. Why wouldn't I nominate myself? This be America, where if we ever had a zombie apocalypse, I'd be the first one hording the gas. But to be fair, a few other awesome bloggers nominated the site as well. Nods for the jaded viewer came from Planet of Terror and The Horror Effect.

So it's awesome to be nominated from a major horror site like Bloody Disgusting. 60 other blogs were nominated too. 60!?!!? That's a hell of a fuckin lot of blogs. But those blogs are all top notch horror men and women who know their shit. Whoever wins, it's all good.

Hmm how the hell can I rig this? Oops...damn you inner thought bubble!! Well, looks like I'm going to have to plead, beg and buy your votes. So how can I convince you to vote for me?

If this is the first time you've visited here, this is what the jaded viewer is all about:
  • My rating is based on Jean Claude Van Damme spinkicks!
  • My reviews are usually a FAQ of hilarity (An example would be my review of Joel "Batman Nipples" Schumaker's straight to DVD Nazi demon film "Blood Creek")
  • I have seen every After Dark Horrorfest movie and have lived to write about it
  • Slow moving or fast moving zombies? SLOW MOVING of course!!! Why would the deterioration and decomposing of your body make you move faster and give you super human strength?
  • I compile the gore meters (Goreipedia) and boobs (Nudipedia) in my reviews so you know what your gonna get!
  • The jaded viewer will watch the crappiest horror movies and compile an easy to digest review, sorta like sitting through an episode of Heroes
  • If you vote for me, I'll personally come to your house or apartment and give you running DVD commentary of the horror movie of your choice (MST3K style!) (some restrictions may apply)
Convinced? Are you ready to check that box for the jaded viewer? Well then fellow jaded viewer, head over to Bloody Disgusting and vote for the jaded viewer!

Thanks in advance for the vote and the support.


  1. This is going to be tough because there are so many blogs I love and visit on a regular basis, this being one of them.

  2. Dude how awesome is that? Big congrats man, I am so happy to be in good company with so many friends! Good luck JV, well earned!

  3. I just realized I am a poor member of the Bloody Disgusting community and I rarely comment on the news stories. And as you have to have an acct at BD, its that community that will ultimately vote.

    Well its good to have 60 awesome blogs get some exposure to BD's fan base.

  4. HAHAHAha, love you man. Congrats on the nomination and I'm happy that we are in such amazing company. I feel like taking you and a whole bunch of other bloggers out for a beer or ten....if your're ever in Dallas.

    BTW, I can't comment on your blog from work anymore. Apparently you've now hit the inappropriate for work content/explicit material filter. Bravo!

  5. I usually just read, don't interact. I read religiously though and voted for you just now. Good luck ;-)

  6. I read religiously, haven't commented previously. I did vote for you just now though. Good luck ;)

  7. Dammit...I'm not work blog appropriate?!?! I don't post nudity (well barely anyway) I tend to curse alot and my last post had the word "porn" in it like 20 times.

    I'm rated "X"! Ahem I mean NC-17. Woohoo!