Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Awards are like gremlins, just add water to get more of em!

Well it looks like awards mania isn't done yet. It's like that damn H1N1, spreading like a 3rd graders toy collection. Well color me infected because I've gotten 2 more awards from some super awesome bloggers.

First up is the fantastically Frightening award as first seen on Day of the Woman. This one was bestowed on me by Andre @ The Horror Digest. You can check out the blurb about moi by click on the link here.....no here......ok this is the right link.

We usually disagree on some flicks but we both agree Rumer Willis looks like a Yeti.

I'm sure the other horrorsphere members will get this award so I'm passing this boobilicious award to some other cool under the radar bloggers that would appreciate some gratuitous partial nudity...

Well I've been following new blogs left and right after checking out these awards on other sites. That's the best thing of spreading this damn virus.

Finally, The Basement of Ghoulish Decadence has given the jaded viewer the Shit Eatin' Palance Award.

The only way to say thank you is by remaking 2 Girls, 1 Cup in 3D and starring Lindsay Lohan as "the cup". But if Jack Palance were alive today, he's say "Fuck you! Shit taste good"

So thanks Jayson at the Basement of Ghoulish Decadence for this award and I hope to one day tell James Cameron that this is the next evolution of 3D and he's guaranteed to make at least $3 from this epic viral video.

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