Friday, September 17, 2010

Who should be in the Action Hero Hall of Fame?

After watching The Expendables, I was disappointed in the fact that assembling a bunch of heavy duty action stars didn't just equal super uber awesomeness. We saw the "Big Three" in one scene for the first time. It's a given if there was an Action Star Hall of Fame, these 3 names would be the first ones inducted.

Arnold Schwarenegger, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis have the stats, cred and films to make their induction a foregone conclusion. I'd even throw in posthumously Bruce Lee and maybe even Chuck Norris and Jet Li in there.

But as of today, who else could get the votes to join these guys?

Well, I'm going to put a poll in the right nav bar with the nominees below. You can go ahead and vote who you think should be in the HOF. But first here are 4 that can make a case for getting in.

I know there are probably some write in votes, so if you have somebody in mind leave em in the comments. Also, I'm not forgetting about our favorite action heroines. We'll get to that one at a later date.

1.) Jean Claude Van Damme

Why he should get in: Bloodsport is the pinnacle of full contact tournament movies. Throw in Univeral Soldier and one of my hidden gems Lionheart and he has a resume of uber action.

Best Movie: Bloodsport

Why he should NOT get in: Early success led to a later straight to dvd crapfest. Van Damme's insistence on "character action" has led to most of his movies ending up in the dollar bin and an absence from any American theatrical releases.

2.) Steven Seagal

Why he should get in: Seagal's 90s movies were "I beat em up and I don't even get hurt at all" slaughterfests. An American turned Japanese who seemed to create a new kind of action hero. He's stayed relevant with a few name flicks with the last being Machete.

Best Movie: Under Siege

Why he should NOT get in: Seagal also ended up in the dollar bin with bad straight to dvd snoozefests. Action stars usually get beaten up and redeem themselves at the end. Seagal never ever got a scratch on him. Where's the action in that?

3.) Will Smith

Why he should get in: The Fresh Prince is the most bankable Hollywood action star. His movies gross obscene amounts of money, he's got the humor, the brawn and the kick ass attitude.

Best Movie: Independence Day

Why he should NOT get in: He's tried to move away from the action cinema and gone towards more dramatic roles. His action resume is shorter than the others on this list.

4.) Jackie Chan

Why he should get in: He made the kung fu/comedy action movie popular again and took action scenes to another level. Nobody can duplicate these scenes of insane martial arts with funny ha ha's. Chan's action resume is insane.

Best Movie: Police Story

Why he should NOT get in: His first stint into American action cinema didn't go well and his latest movies have lacked the "oooomphh" of his early work. Those Rush Hour movies were kinda ugh no?


OK, now it's your turn. I know you have others you want to nominate and you should. So go ahead and chime in. Who else should be on this list?

Now out of these random 4 action stars, who DESERVES to be in the Action Hero Hall of Fame with the other 3??? Oh BTW, explain why they should be in there.

[Cue gunfire into gas tank and big explosion]


  1. Jason Statham. I think he has proven himself with The Transporter, Crank, Mean Machine, Snatch and Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.

  2. Michelle Yeoh, for myself the first lady of Kung fu movies with her stand out movie for myself being "Magnificent Warriors" in which she basically gave the world a female Indiana complaints from me

  3. I thought The Rock was headed into the 'hall' (loved Walking Tall) but his recent string of kiddie movies has me scratching my head.

    I'm going to go out on a limb with my choice. She toiled in b-action films throughout her career and was never in anything mainstream: Cynthia Rothrock. Why? Simply put, she fucking kicked ass.

  4. Begrudgingly, I must tip my hat to Jackie Chan. I enjoy so few of his movies, but there's no doubt that the guy's filmography is prolific. And the guy does so many of his own stunts, I have found the end credits to his movies where they show the mishaps of stunt work to be more enjoyable than the actual film.

  5. I'm not sure Will Smith is HOF material. I like him and all, but he's just not working on the same level as the others.

    I cast my vote for Jason Statham, because he really does kick obscene amounts of ass. But I feel both The Rock and Michael Jai White deserve a nod. I've got no good reason to vote of Dwayne Johnson--I just like him. But Michael Jai White went head-to-head with Steven Seagal in Exit Wounds and they were pretty evenly matched.

  6. Seagal and Van Damme for sure should be on the list.

  7. You guys have neglected to mention Danny Trejo, I mean this guy has done more action movies than any 5 "action stars" you dare to name. Don't believe me then click this :

    Seriously, just because he was listed as "bad guy #6" or "Cocaine dealer #2" or whatever should not disqualify him from this particular list. He's rising to the top billing now, but unlike the others (Segal, Stallone, JCVD, ect..) He has actually DONE the work to get there.

  8. Top of the list?? No daught, The Duke....John Wayne

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