Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Jaded Viewer Experiment: Share a Picture of your local movie theater!

That's my local theater. I'm not kidding. The movie theater I most go to is the AMC 25 in Times Square. I actually didn't take the picture above but it's such a better picture than something I could take.

But after going to Austin, TX and seeing the exterior of the Alamo Drafthouse I got intrigued of what everybody else's movie theaters look like. Sure we all don't live in a city and some of us live all over the world, I figured it'd be nice to share pictures of what your local movie theater looked like.

Is it a Loews? AMC? Regal? Is it located in a mall? A suburban parking lot? Or is it a mom and pop operation?

More so, what do the movie theaters look like in Europe specifically in England and France. I know I have some UK jaded viewers out there. Are your movie theaters owned by megaconglomerate corporations like in good ole America? How about in Australia or Japan? What does a Chinese or Filipino movie theater look like?

I'm also a little curious as to what kind of food you all have in different countries. The typical American movie cuisine consists of over sized popcorn, nachos grande and Raisinets...yes this is why we're totally fuckin fat.

Do they serve sushi in a Japanese movie theater? Wine in France? Please excuse my ignorance...I seriously am dumb about this shit.

So here's the experiment. Take a picture of your movie theater (exterior or interior...or whatever you want) and send it to me by either:
I'll try to gather everybody's pictures and organize it into something interesting to check out. I'm looking forward to what you all send in. And I will actually take a picture of a few local movie theaters around me and let you know what the movie theaters in NYC look like.

It's not as cool as you think.


  1. Alright, I'll get off my duff and take one today. Gonna go see The Town anyways ^_^

  2. I'll send my movie theater picture in no time, right from the capital of Brazil.
    And no, we don't serve monkey meat or bananas in the theaters. lolz

    Just messin' with ya. :)