Monday, September 27, 2010

The 5 Hottest Actresses named "Jaime" in Entertainment

Sometimes you gotta break the monotony of horror-core posts with a feature that puts a smile on every alpha male's face (sorry girls, I'm pandering to my skewed male demographic). So after watching the 2MM plus YouTube views of a certain body wash "balls" commercial, I realized there were a lot of hotties with the first name Jaime or Jamie. You wouldn't think off hand there would be, but compiling 5 actresses or models was pretty easy.

So I've listed a Top 5 of the hottest actresses with that name in entertainment. No no, no need to thank me. I'm here to to put what all you red blooded male Americans are all thinking on the interwebs.

Onwards to the list!

5.) Jamie-Lyn Sigler

Where you've seen her: Meadow Soprano is all grown up but still can't park correctly. Let's forgive her for that already ok?

4.) Jaime Bergman

Where you've seen her: I remember seeing Jaime Bergman on an episode of Angel (where she met her now husband David Boreanaz) but she's been a Playboy Playmate and has had a variety of appearances on TV and movies.

3.) Jamie Chung

Where you've seen her: Former MTV Real World reality star, Jamie Chung is now infiltrating Hollywood with her Asian hotness. She was in Samurai Girl and Dragonball Evolution and now will star in Sucker Punch and Premium Rush.

2.) Jaime King

Where you've seen her: Horror wise, she was in My Bloody Valentine 3D (not looking smokin hot), They Wait and stars in the remake of Mother's Day. She's also been in tons of TV shows, Sin City and a new TV show called My Generation.

1.) Jaime Pressly

Where you've seen her: If you haven't seen a naked picture of Jaime Pressly, you're not looking hard enough. She starred in a string of Skinemax flicks and teen comedies before making it big in hits like My Name is Earl and that Axe commercial I was talking about. Now she plays the hottest white trash characters I've ever seen.

Jaime Pressly is the obvious #1 bar none.


Did I miss any others? Maybe, so if you wanna chime in on a few other Jaimes, let me know. I think the next version will be hottest "Jena's". I've got a few names on that one too.


  1. Jaime Pressly has an amazing body but her face especially her teeth freak me out. Her mouth is huge. I feel like she would chomp my head off.

  2. like a beautiful pac-man... chomp, chomp...

  3. Jamie King and Jamie Chung. The others look too typical porn starlets and bland to my eyes and tastes.

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