Monday, September 13, 2010

School Yard Nostalgia Month: Poltergeist scared the hell out of 8 year old me!

Over at Big Daddy Horror Reviews it's School Yard Nostalgia Month. BDHR is asking the question: What's your first horror film experience?

I decided to participate and had to think waaaaay back on what it was. Obviously, as you can see from the picture above it was Poltergeist.

Go inside the jaded viewer's memory banks and read up on how Poltergeist affected 8 year old me over at Big Daddy Horror Reviews.

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  1. Thats a good one, the old man from the sequels is creepy as hell. When I was a kid I was mostly scared of what I saw in the trailers. The first real horror movie I saw was the 80s Blob remake. The part with the kids in the sewer freaked me out!