Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hello fellow interweber! You've reached the jaded viewer's "About Me" page !

You've been Dim Maked!!!

Welcome to my About Me page fellow time traveler! I figured I should write one as I use a very old Blogger template as you can see and can't actually make pages using the new Blogger. One day I'll redesign the entire blog, but for now it is what it is.

Being the lazy fuck I am, I'm going to just repost the Mr. Horrorblogosphere entry I wrote for Zombies DON'T Run. That entry sums up everything I wanted to say about me and the site. So here be a Q&A you can enjoy between the jaded viewer and the jaded viewer. Why you would want to read this is beyond me.

Sorry no pictures you crazy stalkers.

Q: Who the fuck is the jaded viewer?

A: The simple answer is I'm Jeff and I'm from NYC and I dig the bosoms and the horror genre. The complicated answer is I'm the jaded viewer, a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man who does not exist.

The jaded viewer, a young loner on a crusade to champion the cause of the innocent, the helpless, the powerless in a world of criminals who operate above the law. When I'm not battling my bizarro self, I work a steady Internet related job, enjoy the perks of living in the greatest city in the world and eat mucho nachos.

Q: What are some of your favorite horror films?

My favorite horror film of all time is Romero's Dawn of the Dead because you know that one has zombies. I also have an international tint and dig the Takashi Miike (Ichi the Killer is stellar) and the arterial spraying gorefests of Japan. I respect the classics (Exorcist, The Shining, etc) but I adore the original NOES, Carpenter's Halloween and Friday the 13th Part 3 (yes part 3). Recent favorites have slanted French but Hatchet, The Descent and Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon have been standouts.

Q: What are some of your least favorite horror films?

A: I can't stand the remakes of almost anything Hollywood puts out. That's not to say I won't see them, but I dislike the fact they think they can nostalgia me to spend $10 in a theater to see something I can Netflix.

Q: Blogging can be fun as well as drama filled, so why do you keep doing it?

A: I keep asking the same question. I started the blog for a way for others to see the LOL reviews by Insano Steve and I. It's evolved into a place where I can hopefully give a few ha ha's to some like minded minions who enjoy the horror. You may not see it, but I get a happy when somebody comments on something I wrote and it makes them think, laugh or makes them fuming mad. A great philosopher once said and I quote:

"The Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another."

I couldn't agree more.

Q: Who's your favorite female lead in horror and why?

A: I'm going to go with Rose McGowan with Eliza Dushku a close second. Why Rose McGowan? Well #1, she's like uber hot in that Suicide Girls sorta way. She hasn't been in many horror movies, but her role in Planet Terror was bar none super duper awesome. She also played awesome victim fodder in Scream and was a top notch nihilist in Doom Generation. I got this wrong didn't I?

Q: What do you look for in a woman? Is liking horror movies required?

A: The first thing I look for is their feet. No, I don't have a Tarantino like feet fetish, I look at what kind of shoes a girl is wearing. I dig a girl who can sport some Chuck Taylors and look good in them. Sure, I'd like a woman who isn't squeamish when watching defenseless teens get slaughtered by a masked unstoppable killer but its not a requirement. If you can hold a conversation, talk like Diablo Cody or Joss Whedon it doesn't matter if you look like Buffy or Willow (but she has to love the Whedon).

Q: Who is your biggest inspiration?

A: Sure, you'd like me to say its my parents, another blogger, a famous movie director or some horror movie that imprinted the horror on me. But I'd have to go with my local video store in the neighborhood I grew up in. Thank you bored and indifferent video store clerk for renting R rated horror movies to young tween me. If it were not for his blatant disregard of store policy, I would never have gotten my horror fix at an impressionable young age.

But I get my inspiration from most of the horror blogosphere (just can't name one site) as all these bloggers know the pulse of the horror universe.

Q: How would you best describe your blog?

A: The Jaded Viewer is a spinkick into the world of horror, splatter, cult, grindhouse, indie and exploitation films.You'll get funny reviews, WTF Lists, lists of pure randomness, horror hotties, profiles of indie shorts,community threads and possibly some trailers you haven't seen yet. Did I mention my rating system is based on Van Damme spinkicks? Also, I have a running joke where if a quote from a review I’ve written appears on the back of a DVD box, I will immediately terminate the blog.

If you want to send me gifts, screeners or M&Ms, you can reach me at jadedviewers at yahoo dot com

Look I even won some awards from the blogosphere!



  1. It would've be awesome if you were the first to comment with: "FIRST!" and then call yourself out in the second comment. A Fight Club flame war if you will...

    Great stuff, keep at it.

  2. Thanks all...my ultimate goal is to establish world peace with my blog

    1. Hi Jeff,

      so we are running a script competition to find the script for our second feature film as a production company in London, which as huge horror film fans we want to be an original horror film! We would love it if The Jaded Viewer would run our posters to promote the competition and encourage entries?

      We are working on a tight budget so we cant offer payment but instead we can offer regular content and insight into the process of making a horror film from beginning to end. Please get in touch it you'd like to help us out?

      If you're interested hit me up through facebook: SkyBlueFilms

      p.s. awesome site!

  3. Jaded, Listen I wanted to contact you. I suck at this stuff. Here is something I made. Does it matter? Who knows. It is murder, and comedy. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/397258954/smothering-pillows

  4. Hi!

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  10. a new Halloween has been announced! with Blumhouse and John Carpenter involved! Should we be worried?
    I am. and here's why: https://youtu.be/Aq8GZpgmq7A #ModernHalloween

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