Monday, November 08, 2010

Bangkok Knockout (Trailer)

OMG. You so have to watch the trailer below of the new movie from action choreographer Panna Rittikrai. He is the man responsible for those insane action stunts, muy thai fights and crazy battles from Ong Bak to many other action stunts.

His stunt team is now world renown and with Tony Jaa off at a monastery (seriously, I'm not kidding), there are quite a few budding action stars that want to make a name for themselves. But they're all going to make an audition in Bangkok Knockout which looks fuckin awesome.

Watch it now.

You done?

Wait did I just see the following:
  • A dude jump over a burning car?
  • A burning dude smash through a wall?
  • A dude get by a car going 100 mph?
  • A couple of dudes getting run over by a car?
  • A guy get run over by a motorcycle?
  • A fight scene take place at the bottom of a moving truck?
  • Flying backwards kicks?
  • Evil American warlord?
  • A dude avoiding a car by spinning?
  • A flying knee kick to the throat?
  • A backward scissors kick?
  • Simultaneous leap frog kicks?
  • Flying bike kicks?

Bangkok Knockout comes out in Thailand on December 10, 2010.Magnolia Pictures has picked up the film for US distribution. No stateside release date announced yet.

OK what do you think? Are you freakin excited? Well I am. This looks awesome.


  1. My head exploded.

    I wouldn't even care about a plot if it was 90 minutes of that kind of action. I cannot wait to see this!

  2. My head would double explode?!? if the guy on fire did a knee kick to somebodys face.