Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sella Turcica (Trailer)

I sometimes lose track of my list of studios and directors that I dig. In the case of Toe Tag Pictures, I've been trying to keep up to date with their latest and greatest. I last checked in when the trailer for Murder Collection Volume 1 was released. But they've released a few new movies of late including Maskhead.

I actually own Redsin Tower and August Underground Mordum (a signed copy via a purchase from Fred Vogel himself). Back in the day, I would explore the vendors and the Toe Tag crew were always a must visit.

For you noobs, Toe Tag gave birth to the August Underground flicks which have cemented themselves on hundreds of "disturbing horror movie" lists. But they have been evolving from heavy FX features to story driven flicks. That's not to say they leave out the gore and splatter out. Their expertise and believable effects are what makes them one of the best horror companies out there.

So with that, I realized a new trailer was released for their newest feature entitled Sella Turcica. Here be the plot.

Sgt. Bradley Roback (Damien A. Maruscak) returns home from active duty after a mysterious accident leaves him paralyzed. Awaiting his return, his mother, Karmen (Camille Keaton), and younger sister, Ashley (Jade Risser), remain unaware of the details of the accident and severity of Brad‘s condition. Once he arrives, though he looks sickly, his family members are pleased to see him alive and don’t bring attention to his ill appearance. Over the next twenty-six hours Brad’s condition terribly worsens, barreling down to a gruesome conclusion that will change the family forever.

Now check out the trailer.

It's been getting high praise among the horror community. They are calling it the best Toe Tag flick to date.

For more info, check out the official site and to order the DVD, click here.


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