Monday, November 01, 2010

Who should be in the Action Hall of Fame? (The Results)

The results are in!

I asked you all who should be in the Action Hall of Fame and you left some great comments. I got some great feedback and a few others chimed in via the poll and comments.

Jackie Chan is your winner! As you can see in the poll below he garnered 51 out of 182 votes.

Coming in second was my man Jean Claude Van Damme followed by Jason Statham in 3rd. Jackie Chan is most deserving to be in the Hall with the likes of Schwarenegger, Willis and Stallone. His action resume is freakin stellar on both sides of the ocean.

I got some great comments on why Jackie Chan came in first. See below.

Alyssa wrote:

"Jackie Chan is the shit.. no one compares, and he is an amaizing person who made worldwide people entertained with his sick ass moves!"

JustinH wrote:

"jackie chan without a doubt, forget his american movies, what he has done for world cinema throughout the late 70's until now has been incredible. The amount of pain doing them death defying stunts and brilliant fight choreography are untouched. Also he's a director,producer,writer,stunt chor,fight chor,singer,editor, everything. he is the ultimate action hero."

Rabid Fox wrote:

"Begrudgingly, I must tip my hat to Jackie Chan. I enjoy so few of his movies, but there's no doubt that the guy's filmography is prolific. And the guy does so many of his own stunts, I have found the end credits to his movies where they show the mishaps of stunt work to be more enjoyable than the actual film."

Thanks to all who voted and I'll be coming up with a new poll soon!

Congrats Jackie Chan! You deserve it!


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