Wednesday, June 09, 2010

There is a 90% chance you will take a photo of a ghost

[FYI: A weird thing as I wrote this. I had almost completed the entire post when all of a sudden half the post got deleted. I then had to write this for a 2nd time. Jeez. Was it a ghosts? After effects of eating BP spilled oil seafood? I don't know but it was damn weird]

Well I'm back. My friend Vic said "he had some shit he had to take care". Something in regards to tourists invading his swamp and he had to clean his hatchet again. Well maybe next time Vic. But New Orleans is quite a city. From the French Quarter to the awesome food (and the open container drinking), you will have tons of fun in the Big Easy.

So while I was there I decided to take a real authentic New Orleans Ghost Tour. The tagline stated what I have in the subject line: "There is a 90% chance you will take a photo of a ghost".


That got me quite excited. If you followed me on Twitter, you would have seen:

The ghost tour I signed up for has a 90 percent "you will photograph a ghost" success rate. I'm now kinda scared

So here's some of my photographic evidence from the tour. You can judge for yourself if I took any ghostly pictures.

The tour started off at Rev. Voodoo's Shop. This place had a collection of occult merch. I used this time to grab my 2nd beer as I staggered with my fellow tourists to start the tour.

The first stop was of a house where a 1800s mistress froze to death on a snowy New Orleans night after being dared by her husband to stand on the balcony, naked. If she were to do this, they would get married (there's more to this story, but I was kinda binging at this point so I don't remember). See a ghost? I don't. Where are you white snowy ghost lady?

Is this a ghost? Nope. It's a guy playing a violin while walking on a tightrope. I think he was sober.

Well this is the Andrew Jackson hotel. Supposedly some drunk kids (wait those are Philly fans) decided to go all pyro and burnt a few blocks of New Orleans killing a bunch of innocents. Now the hotel is haunted by these kids. Our tour guide, Jennifer Raven explained that people who stay at this hotel (why?!?!) have had photos of themselves taken (while naked of course) while they are sleeping from a vantage point of being directly above their bed.

Yes folks, we got pervert pyro kid ghosts.

This is Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop Bar. It's been featured on some of those Ghost Hunter shows. Lafitte himself is haunting this place and people have heard French being spoken in the men's bathroom, the fireplace and the upper rooms.

I took many photos and went into the men's bathroom. I was about to take a picture of what I thought was a ghost but it was just a guy taking a shit. A very drunk guy.

Here's a pic of the bar. See any ghosts? The door towards the end is the mens bathroom where I saw smelly drunk guy on the toilet. I decided to get another beer and talk up the hot waitresses.

See hot waitresses! But no ghosts :-(

We concluded our tour at the house above. We were told of a socialite who wickedly abused her slaves. See, during one of her glamorous dinners a slave started a fire forcing the dinner guests to be evacuated. The police and fire company soon discovered a room of horrors. The room was full of slaves who had been horrifically tortured. They decapitated, arms sliced, faces skinned, holes drilled in their heads, maggots eating their flesh and one slave women was put into a wooden crate for days.

Now the slaves haunt this place with a vengeance.

The kicker here is Nic Cage bought this house WITHOUT knowing the story. Upon hearing why every tour stopped to take pictures, he demanded to know the history of the house. Good job Wicker Man. [INSERT NIC CAGE STUNNED PHOTO HERE]

Well that's about it. I also went to a magic shop which is of the photo I took in the beginning of the post. I really did feel like Giles and Willow when I was in there.

It looks like I was in that 10% as my photos don't seem to have any weird orbs or ghosts in any of them. Do you see any? Hmmm, well it was fun in any case. So do you guys believe in ghosts? When you see a photo with some supposed supernatural evidence, what do you think?

Do you think ghosts deleted my original post?

Iii aMMMMmmmm a GhOOOOOOOsssssssssssTtttttt

What the hell is that???? I didn't write that.


  1. Was the tightrope fiddler a ghost? No? Well, then I didn't see any in the photos. :)

    It sounds like a very fun tour, even for non-believing sticks-in-the-mud like me. Cool stuff.

  2. If you zoom in at the first of the three windows with the green shutters, on the brick can make out a face staring directly at the photographer. It looks like a bearded man and you can definitely see his eyes glowing behind the glass.

  3. I'm pretty sure there are a couple of orbs in the pic with the waitress and NO I don't mean her boobs. On the ceiling nearing the rafter, you totally captured a ghost.

  4. I'm looking and I see no spookies at all. But if you say I did, I'll pretend that I'm a awesome ghost hunter!

  5. I saw your tweets. This looks like you had a cool time, Jaded. I did one of these in Orlando and it was pretty lame! I really tried to get "into it" but it was so-so and nothing happened. I couldn't even psyche myself up to make something happen in my head. But you did go to Nawlins so that's pretty bad ass in and of itself.