Monday, June 14, 2010

If You Had One Horror Genre Related Wish, What Would It Be?

Big Daddy Horror Reviews did an ongoing series on the question above. And I decided to take part.

What was my answer?

In a nutshell, I wanted to know where the Asian, Black and Hispanic final girls were in American Hollywood movies.

Read my full response here.

Well here is the addendum. You'd think by now we'd have a black or a hispanic girl lead our oversexed teenage victim fodder to the middle of Nowhere, USA. But no. We still got the white, sly and wholesome final girl stapled into Hollywood horror. I mean I think its time we break this glass ceiling of minorities not being the survivors of a slasher onslaught.

Brandon from Big Daddy Horror Reviews left perfect examples of this actually happening in horror movies when I posted a Random List of things you DON'T see in horror movies. Camp Slaughter had a *gasp* fat, black final girl. Also he mentioned a horror movie called Fraternity Massacre on Hell Island with a gay final guy! Can you believe it?

It takes an indie mentality to take such risks and when they do, it makes the film more interesting (though you still have to make a good horror film either way). I've yet to see any of the 2 movies above but holy fuckin cow, I'm going to put these on my radar.

In the latest installment of Friday the 13th remake, we had a token black and Asian guy playing oversexed nerdos. I love the slasher formula as much as the next guy and these guys were gonna die by the hands of J-man, but I'm beginning to think its getting kinda boring.

In the Nightmare remake, we didn't even get any minorities in the flick. Sure, that's how it was in the original but geez, its not 1984 anymore, its 2010. I think there is at least one black girl in the town.

We've broken a few barriers with slashers being racially diversified but our heroes and heroines should be too. I think the audience would be colorblind when it comes to cheering for a Chinese final girl, if and only if she was not a stereotypical character.

On the other side of the coin, its not enough to put a person of color in a lead role. The final girl or guy has to have some character, something the audience likes (be it big boobs, female empowerment, smart or clever). And that doesn't matter if your black or white or whatever.

When will this actually happen? Probably not anytime soon. The suburban audience wants to see themselves in a horror movie and Hollywood knows this. So were going to get the same old shit until some indie movie succeeds by changing the perception of the final girl and then Hollywood will take notice and copy this "new" idea.

If wishes were horses.

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  1. Interesting topic. I actually saw Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight this past weekend. And lo and behold, Jada Pinkett was the final girl.

    Side note: Thomas Haiden Church as a sleazeball boyfriend was an added treat.

  2. Yes I agree and that was one thing (of the many, many, many things) that bothered me about the Nightmare remake. The cast was white as the undriven snow...or white like carb-heavy bread.

    Word Verifcation: Handween awesome!

  3. Wow, a gay final guy! That's been my genre wish. I'll have to check out Fraternity Massacre.

  4. I love the meme, and I also love your pick. Nice call. I've published my own take on the question on my blog, too. Holy Terrors