Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Get your kumbayaya's out! (BTVS Musical variations)

I'm joining in the festivities over at Gore Gore Dancer as Aleata Illusion proclaims it Buffy week this week. (its good I didn't participate with The Spiral Downward to Irrevelancy of Sarah Michelle Gellar post) I've been rewatching some seasons over again and I recently got to the musical episode in Season 6.

"Once More with Feeling" is indeed a precursor to Joss Whedon's Dr. Horrible's Sing Along web short. It's got some great musical numbers with the notables being Tara's "Under Your Spell" and Buffy's "Through the Fire". I'll even say "I'll Never Tell" featuring the duo of a Xander and Anya is pretty sweet too.

But the craze this episode started after it aired and even continues today is the number of stage plays/musicals and final school art projects its spawned. Seriously this is some uber Buffy nerdo stuff here. From us Americans to the Brits to the French to the Aussies, we love our Buffy musical and we love to karoakey it to death.

Mind you, some of these are bleeding ears bad and others are actually pretty yabba dabba doo. Here are a few examples. First the big super crappy burgers.

the jaded viewer says: It's "I'll Never Tell" where the actors/singers are not even in costume and just seems like they never even watched the episode as they don't perform the little nuances associated with the characters.

the jaded viewer says: This Portland, OR version isn't too bad.. This send up of "I've Got A Theory" is actually tolerable.

the jaded viewer says: Sometimes there is one good singer in the troupe while the others are mediocre. Take for instance this one. The Buffy singer is super duper. This is a final school project featuring "Walk through the Fire"

the jaded viewer says:OK lots of big Buffy fans getting their kumbabyayas out. Some people don't even look like Buffy like in this UK version of "Going Through the Motions"

So what have we learned? There are alot of Buffy fans who love doing this musical. I kinda think its glued to the fact when that Super Mario Bros live action sketch went viral everybody copied that.

In any case, the musical is damn catchy and ranks as one of the best BTVS episodes ever. Now the best version is the original and below is a making of that episode.

Here's a making of the Buffy musical.

Well that was magically delicious wasn't it? So what are your thoughts on the Buffy musical episode? Like it? Dislike it? Want to make a version where I play Xander? In any case, for more Buffy fun head over to Gore Gore Dancer for some awesome Buffy posts this week.

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