Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Incest Death Squad 2 (Premiere Date and its Free Online!)

Cory Udler dropped me another line for Incest Death Squad 2. It seems all of us are going to see this for free on September 17th.

Incest Death Squad 2 will premiere September 17th, 2010 live and free online at HorrorSociety.com. There will be one showing of the film for free at the website then the film will be available for sale at the film’s official website.

Well that's some good news. I know its a few months away but Udler has told me this flick has more carnage, boobs and body count. What more can you possibly ask for?

From the press release, seems like this movie had trouble booking a theater for its premiere. Seems Wisconsin theaters don't want to screen a movie on a Friday or Saturday. Fuckity fuckers.

Last year, the premiere of “Incest Death Squad” at Market Square Theatres in Madison, as part of the Madison Horror Film Festival, played to a sold out crowd of rabid horror fans. This year, Udler found the resistance from local theatres to a Friday or Saturday night premiere to be completely off-putting.

"It’s amazing that a local film, with a local director, local talent and local businesses featured would be met with such a response in a city that prides itself on its “buy local” mentality. But basically, I wanted to premiere the film on a Friday or Saturday night in Madison at a local Madison theatre. It was either ridiculously expensive, and or I was told time and time again that the theatre doesn’t rent out on Friday or Saturday nights.” Udler said.

Well the online horror community will reap the benefits of this movie being available not only in Wisconsin.

Check out the trailer here and my review of IDS1.

Also head over to the Facebook site and the official site.


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