Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My quote is in a trailer!!!

If you've followed this little corner blog on the web, my running joke is if a quote from one of my reviews ever ended up on a DVD box, poster or advertisement, I would immediately shut down the jaded viewer.

I've come close though the criteria hasn't always applied (and I find nice loopholes to keep the site going :-P). My quote from a review of the trailer of Incest Death Squad (full review here) is on the cover of the DVD box. Some of my quotes were requoted on filmmakers and directors blogs (the most notable was when Toby Wilkins (director of Splinter) posted a quote from my review)

I get kinda excited and happy when that happens, I won't lie. It's an exhilarating feeling for an unknown blogger and critic to see that. It's a little bit of happy when your hard work gets noticed. I'm sure other bloggers can attest to having that happen too when they've gotten some press work for them for a change.

So its now super awesome that the Soska Sisters have put in my quote from a review I wrote of their film Dead Hooker in a Trunk (full review here). The review laden trailer is below and my quote is towards the end (at about 1:05 mark). Some will think I gave the movie a positive review maybe because I wanted to get quoted but I'm here to say that shits not the case. I saw the trailer, got excited and once I saw the film, I honestly liked the flick (and in my review I have a few nitpicks) but overall thought it was kick ass.

And I'm not alone as from the other people quoted in the trailer from Eli Roth to Arrow in the Head to Gorezone.

Well this made my day. Check out the trailer below. Dead Hooker in a Trunk is going on a festival tour this year and if you have a chance to see it please do. It's a fun little flick with some great performances and some top notch slaughter.

(look it's another awesome quote!)


  1. I echo that awesome and throw in a hell yeah.

  2. Thanks!!! It's my first quote getting picked up on a trailer. And thanks to a loophole...the site keeps going!

  3. I can verify that as well, that is certainly of the most awesomely awesomeness

  4. Very nice, Jaded! You certainly can't complain when a quote of yours ends up in a movie with a knockout title like THAT!