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The Hills Run Red (Review)

The Hills Run Red

The Hills Run Red (2009)

Directed by Dave Parker

The Hills Run Red got the hype treatment within the horror universe this year. It's premise, it's sleek grindy slasher and Sophia Monk wearing nothing should be enough to equal yayness and approval from us fans. For me, it equals more of a mix bag of donuts. Sure you get your oozing jelly filled, and your chocolate yuminess. But you also get your over done elaborate, sprinkled Boston cremes and some other exotic new flavors that catch your eye. Yeah, it looks pretty but it doesn't taste that good.

Well that's The Hills Run Red. It looks good from the outside but when you dig in, it's not as delicious as you thought it would be.

I think I've got you hungry right? Lets dig in shall we?

Boring Plot-O-Matic

A group of young horror fans go searching for a film that mysteriously vanished years ago but instead find that the demented killer from the movie is real, and he's thrilled to meet fans who will die gruesomely for his art.

Awesome Review-O-Matic

At points within the movie, I got really conflicted. I was teetering that this would be 3 spinkicks, then it dropped to 1 spinkick, then to 2 spins, then 2 and a half. I've haven't been this confused trying to rate a film in a while. I usually know exactly the rating I'm going to give during the film and by the end, it's sold. So its surprising to what I settled on for this one. But as you can see below, my string of thoughts sorta went in different directions.

Here's are my thought bubbles during the movie.
  • Sophia Monk is hot
  • OMG! Sophia Monk is naked...making her mega hotter
  • The other female star in the movie is naked too!
  • This trailer of the movie within this movie looks awesome!
  • Tyler, our main character is kinda a lame, horror-core fan
  • Well, Sophia Monk is naked again
  • Tyler's friends are also big douches..I hope they die
  • Oh oh, this is turning out to be a filmmakers go to the woods and get attacked by cannibal rednecks, then attacked by a real slasher
  • Babyface, our slasher has got some top notch kill skills
  • Holy shit! A women got torn in two by a tree contraption
  • Hmmm. I think the fake grindhouse movie in this movie is probably better than the actual movie itself (make sense?)
  • It's a gratuitous chase scene!
  • WTF! Is this Saw?
  • Sophia Monk is naked again...and I never get tired of looking at her.
  • Oh man I predicted that twist 30 minutes ago
  • Wow, this is lots of pretentious dialogue about movie making
  • Yup, another twist...saw that one coming 15 minutes ago
  • Ewwww. Babyface looks yucky
  • Yeah! A scene during the credits...this will be awes....errr....well thats just dumb
If you've seen the movie, you'll understand exactly what I'm talking about. For peeps who haven't seen it, lets get into a review.

Tyler and his filmmaking cohorts decide to make a documentary of The Hills Run Red, a slasher film that has reached urban legend status. Seems the only remnants of the film left are a trailer, a few posters and Alexa, daughter of the director Wilson Wyler Concannon (William Sadler).

After Tyler meets Alexa (the always naked Sophia Monk), a stripper who guides the group to the locations of the movie. Joined by his GF Serena and best friend Lalo, they go off to the woods and go Blair Witching. The movie is interspliced with scenes from the unfinished grindhouse movie. The movie is about Babyface, a bumpkin schmunkin who tore up his face to something about his mom. I forget exactly how it went.

The characters are actually a little irritating to say the least with Alexa being the most interesting. Tyler is your Heather-type (from BWP) so dedicated to making his documentary, he turns down sexual relations from Alexa and his girlfriend (What the freakin fuck? I think he's gay..seriously dude?). Serena, his GF is dedicated and even at one point during the movie she seemed to go into a She-Ra, Princess of Power transformation changing into a standard Final Girl tanktop. Lalo is just victim fodder.

But it's Alexa, who creates the most memorable character in The Hills Run Red. A stripper, a drug addict and a vixen to the slickest proportions. Sophia Monk plays her character, right up to the end of the movie in a top notch, juicy sexpot sorta way. Brains and breasts as I always say.

Oddly enough, the film also becomes Skynet self aware. The characters go over rules of how to survive a "we're lost in the woods attacked by locals" horror movie and many of the film within a film references are slightly clever and a wink to the audience. There is something about finding a long lost film and the repercussions of it. Many scenes are set up where you think good guys defeat bad guys. But then you get a 360 into something else. I can't say its cool, more a little confusing.

But this new age of millennium slashers inducts Babyface into its fraternity. He's a formidable mountain man slasher who can use a variety of weapons to kill kill kill. Like Chromeskull in Laid to Rest, he's got a style and backstory that's unique. His daddy and mommy would be proud.

Parker and crew have a made a decent slasher movie that flips things upside down, fulfills your gratuitous nudity meter, got a somewhat interesting plot and has kills that will make gorehounds rejoice. It's also got some uneven twizzler twists, hipsters playing horror intellectuals and some self referencing dumbness.

So what do you got after you watch The Hills Run Red? 2 spinkicks. It's a fitting rating for a decent film that is like a bite of jelly and a bite of glazed. It may not live up to the hype its gotten but I can say I wasn't bored. American runs on blood and donuts.


C'mon now. How many times do I gotta say Sophia Monk is 100% naked in this?
Gratuitous secondary character sex scene boobage


Face trauma
Ax to the head
Stomach trauma
Sliced and dice tummies
Mummified corpses
Gunshot trauma
Gut wrenching gore
Women torn in half
Various mutilation kills
Various stabbing weapon kills
Lots of head bashing

WTF moment

The twist after the twist

The Jaded Viewer's Final Prognosis

The Hills Run Red is available now on DVD via I think many of the horror sites agree with my review that the movie is a mixed bag. Though some reviews have a love or hate it sorta opinion. I tried to not go into much of the plot of the movie because giving a way too much would affect your viewing.

But your reading this review because you want to know if Sophia Monk is naked in it right? So rest assured the answer is yes.


Check out the trailer.


  1. I liked the movie probably a little more than you did and Monk naked was a huge help! Very good looking girl who should be in more horror films after Hills. Great review and I agree, the film within a film looked better than the actual film itself!

  2. I had so many issues with this film. But mainly with the fact that it was so self-aware and at the same time, the characters were so dumbfounded by the fact that they were betrayed by a heroin addicted stripper!! This film made my head hurt. Aside from the baby face killer, not much else to be had from this film.

  3. I just want to add Sophia Monk sorta looks like Tiger Woods wife...

  4. Sorry man had to skip this one over, trying to go into it with a fresh slate =D

  5. Yeah, I'm afraid of this one turning out to be a big disappointment. I've been trying to simply glance over reviews (I read the first half or so of yours, but didn't want to continue because I'm crazy like Carl). I have a feeling I will have a similar view of it as you do, but I'm still anxious to see it. Hurry up Netflix!

  6. Totally agree with this review. With all the hype, I was expecting better. Should have known, right? Still seeing Sophie Monk nekkid on screen was a 2009 movie highlight for me. Damn she's smokin'!

  7. Fred - I mean she was like naked in every other scene. Thats like 30% reason enough to have this flick be #20 on my top 2009 horror movies of 2009.

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