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the jaded viewer in the horrorsphere press

People ask me why I started the jaded viewer.


One day, I'd like to see a quote from one of my reviews on the back of a DVD box. I just think that would be mega cool.

I've come close. Toby Wilkins, the director of Splinter posted a review blurb on his tumblr blog.

And a few others have been putting links to my reviews on their sites. I've compiled a few of them below. Click on the image to go to the jaded viewer blurb.So yeah, this is just a me touting a few press internet clippings from the filmmakers and official sites.

One day, a jaded viewer quote will be on the front or back of a DVD box. And when that day comes, I'll end the site. :-P

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We are so with you...half the reason we started Tower Farm is to end up on a DVD box.

The other half is to do a commentary someday!


Ha Ha. That too. I'd love to do a commentary as well. Getting free screeners is a nice perk too.

definitely a nice perk!

Well....most of the time anyway. Some weeks I get flooded with a ton of movies to watch.

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