Friday, February 06, 2009

Top 10 Ruggero Deodato Films of All Time

If your noob, your first time hearing the name Ruggero Deodato was from Eli Roth's mouth as he featured a cameo of Deodato as a cannibal doctor in Hostel.

If your a jaded viewer like myself, Deodato is in the pantheon of the kick ass directors, legendary and mythic. Deodato's filmography is so filled with awesomeness that it's a testament to the man whose resume includes the best cannibal movie of ALL FUCKIN TIME.

So let's count down the best of the best. Yeah I know, some of these flicks are horrible wrecks of a movie (knockoff slashers, pseudo erotica, cheesy exploding action flicks), but it's a list of his decent to best. Keep a fuckin open mind will you?

Here is the top 10 Ruggero Deodato movies of all time.

10.) Concorde Affaire '79 (1979)

Why it kicks ass: Plane crashes, sharks and concorde jets. What more do you need?

The Trailer:

9.) Phantom of Death (1988)

Why it kicks ass: Weird thriller starring Michael York and Donald Pleasance where York discovers a rare disease that makes him go insane. Kills a plenty and who knows, maybe even Deodato was commenting on social issues and shit.

The Trailer:

8.) Body Count (1987)

Why it kicks ass: Deodato tries to cash in on Friday the 13th mania in this slasher knockoff.

The Trailer:

7.) Dial Help (1988)

Why it kicks ass: A psychic finds herself tapping into the "energy" of a deceased phone operator. Pseudo erotic thriller/horror that has that oh so cheesy 80s problem: a ridiculous plot with cheap scares. MST3K worthy in so many ways. Good times.

The Trailer:

6.) Cut and Run (1985)

Why it kicks ass: It's Michael Berryman (see Hills Have Eyes) !!! Last part of the legendary Deodato cannibal trilogy.

The Trailer:

5.) The Barbarians (1987)

Why it kicks ass: Conan inspired sword and sorcery! Kutchek and Gore are played by the bad boys of bodybuilding the Paul brothers. Feel the power!!!

The Trailer:

4.) Raiders of Atlantis (1983)

Why it kicks ass: This is the best post apocalyptic punk, biker, Mad Max-ish movie about scientists and Vietnam vets who have to fight the descendants of Atlantis. I mean look at that trailer. It has all the action cliches of every 80s movies ever made.

The Trailer:

3.) Ultimo Mondo Cannibale (1977)

Why it kicks ass: One of the best cannibal movies ever made.

The Trailer:

2.) House on the Edge of the Park (1980)

Why it kicks ass: Cashing in on the Wes Craven's Last House on the Left success, this pseudo sequel stars Michael Hess as a sadistic rapist killer. A classic in its own right, this and Last House are part of the hall of fame of rape and revenge films.

The Trailer:

1.) Cannibal Holocaust (1980)

Why it kicks ass: The Masterpiece. Nuff said.


Well I hope that was educational for you. All the trailers are full of LOLs and Ha Ha's that never get old. This list took a while to compile, so let me know what you think by leaving a comment.

Now, we just have to wait for Deodato's long awaited sequel to Cannibal Holocaust, vanilla titled Cannibals to come out and we can probably add one more to the list.

I can't wait.

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  1. great post. and nice to see a bit of credit for the raiders of atlantis.

    I did Digg the post but did also had to have a playful dig at the post on my blog too given that I am currently writing about Waves Of Lust

  2. Thanks for the plug. Much appreciated. Realized that Deodato is not making Cannibals after writing this post which sucks. Mark my words. House on the Edge of the Park will be remade after the "success" of the Last House on the Left remake.


  3. House At The Edge Of The Park? Hmmm. Thinking about it yes I suppose that is a strong possibility- I am preciious about my Italian cinema from that era. They can do what they like with george A Romero (I believe there is a Crazies remake on its way) but the remakers should leave fulci, castellari and deodato etc alone. really.


  4. Check out interview with Ruggero Deodato shot at Grossmann Film & Wine Festival on August 15th 2009.


    Interview was conducted by Serbian novelist, writer and film critic Dejan Ognjanovic. You can hear lot of interresting stuff - anegdotes from set (Last Cannibal World, Live like A Cop Die Like A Man...), about working with legends like Riccardo Freda, about upcoming projects (including some pretty informative stuf about plot and future of new cannibal movie "Cannibals" and Deodato's participating in Italian Masters Of Horror project), real reasons for animal killings in Cannibal Holocaust and many more very interresting stuff.

    Because interview is approx. 75 minutes long and for now we don't want to cut it to bunch of 10 minute pieces for youtube, you can download it in XviD AVI from rapidshare links (approx 685 MB) - trailer, details and download links for the interview:

    Interview conducted by:
    Dejan Ognanovic/The Cult Of Ghoul

    Directed, shot and edited by:
    Arminio/Zuti Titl

    Organisation and production by:
    Grossmann Film & Wine festival

    Copyright (C) 2009
    Grosmann Film & Wine Festival
    The Cult Of Ghoul
    Zuti titl


  5. Awesome link. Thanks for the heads up.

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