Thursday, February 05, 2009

Stop the Bitch Campaign (Trailer)

I'll tell you straight out. I had never heard of this trilogy of movies by Kosuke Suzuki but I did see he directed Eko Eko Azarak: Awakening. So hearing of this ridiculousness of this series was pretty much an interesting peek into the weirdness of his filmography.

So why is this in the jaded viewer's radar?

1.) It stars famous Japanese AV stars in the lead roles.

The first movie starred Koharu Tohno, the second movie starred Sola Aoi who caused her rabid, horny fans to make this cult-ish. [Salivating]......!!!.......[End Salivating]

I can see

The 3rd movie stars Rio, another hottie Japanese AV star. OK OK, I see how this is waaaay popular thanks to the salarymen and otakus.

Rio, oh Rio

2.) Second, the plot of the entire series is only something the Japanese could come up with.

Check it out below.

Enjo Kousai Bokumetsu Undou is a series of movies in which teen prostitutes are humiliated and abused in various ways in a sadistic attempt to get them off the streets. Then comes the sweet, sweet revenge. (thanks to Nippon Cinema)

Each of the movie's "plots" are below.

Part 2

In Tokyo, prostitution in the name of “Enjo Kosai” is in fashion among some high school girls. A mysterious man Kuni lament such girls but cannot deny a strong desire for them. He punish the girls by having sex with them without paying them. He calls this operation “Stop the Bitch Campaign” for public justice. Working in a sex trade shop where abnormal people are satisfied with their lust. Aoi tries to find out the man who raped her desperately in the past. One day, Aoi meets Kuni. The battle between a violent but beautiful girl and an abnormal dirty man is set to start again !

Part 3

Rio plays Azusa, the older sister of a girl named Megumi who committed suicide under mysterious circumstances. After some investigating, she discovers Megumi was driven to suicide by a man named Kuni and his “enboku” plan to humiliate teenage girls and drive them away from prostitution by any means necessary. She had dismissed what she had heard about Kuni as urban legend, but the horrific stories about girls being forced to don signs and be branded with phrases like “female pig” were apparently all true. In fact, Megumi’s corpse had been branded with that very phrase; Kuni had to be the one responsible. Azusa swears revenge, and with the help of fellow classmate Ayano she starts tracking him down. However, it was just the beginning of a hell neither of them could have imagined…

Check out the trailer for the 3rd movie (courtesy of Nippon Cinema)

Check out the official site.

So what have we learned?

This movie is comparable to our American Zombie Strippers. The plots are almost irrelevant and gratuitous nudity (well not really that gratuitous as they are porn stars) is almost guaranteed.

The only thing missing is they couldn't cast the amazingly hot Maria Ozawa as well?

She's only half Japanese!

Stop the Bitch Campaign Part 3 is scheduled to be released in Japan around March, 2009.


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