Monday, February 16, 2009

Dollhouse (TV Review)

I do watch TV. Just had to point that out to everybody as you may just see tons of movie reviews on here but no TV or Internet reviews. A few shows I'm fandoming are Lost, BSG, Heroes (unfortunately) and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (double unfortunately).

I'm also a big Joss Whedon fan which to say the least is like having a geekdom ID pass.

So when I got to review his new show Dollhouse before it premiered on Friday, I was thrilled.

As you all probably noticed, my reviews have that witty, pop culturly tang of Whedonesque sounding party of words. I like to make my reviews as entertaining as possible, something different rather than just blah blah of words like a library lady reading the card catalog.

You can check out my review of the first episode of Dollhouse "Ghost" on

Click on the image of Eliza Dushku looking Scully-ish (but doesn't it look like it's an image from a porn flick?) below or click here to read the full review here.

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