Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dollhouse "Target" (TV Review)

Well, I'm going to keep writing reviews for UGO.com for Dollhouse until its inevitably canceled. And so far in the first 2 episodes, we may not even make it to 5. But that doesn't mean we can't skewer and dissect episode #2 entitled "Target".

Check out my hilarious, Whedonesque review at UGO.com.


  1. Funny review. I actually liked the ep far more than you did.

    If Whedon keeps his "shoulder to the wheel" the show could become engrossing.

    Like you said, Whedon is a slow-burn artist. He eases you in instead of throwing you. Give Whedon and Dollhouse time. Hopefully time will not run out for the show before the fire is lit.

  2. Definitely funny, keep it up