Monday, February 09, 2009

NY Comic Con Wrap Up

So I attended the last day of the New York Comic Con. All in all, a good time. My inevitable goal was to see my master, Joss Whedon flurry the crowd with this twisted vocabulary which I've tried to mimic with my ridiculous reviews.

First, a few booths of note. Anchor Bay gave away free DVDs and I snagged a not so fitting Medium size Masters of Horror T-shirt. I also got to play the new Nintendo DS Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars game as well as Godfather 2.

I maybe be picking up the latter when it comes out.

The IGN theatre had a continent full of people to see the Master. He was hilarious and quirky as always, calling his new show "creepy and disturbing, like the 6th season of Buffy." No Eliza Dushku, but Tahmoh Penikett who also stars in Dollhouse (aka Karl Helo Agathon from BSG) was also on the panel.

Rounds of clap clap could be heard for shoutouts of Dr. Horrible, Buffy, Firefly and Angel. The Master was feelin the love from the crowd.

It was fun to see a chunky clip of the new show, which looks Alias-ish and Incredible Hulk all thrown in one.

I will watch the pilot for Dollhouse, but as the Q&A started up nobody asked the Master the state of his new horror movie, Cabin in the Woods.

Maybe that's been put on a forcefield hold because of the show.

Joss Whedon took his praise as he always does, with a grain of GIANT SIZE salt. Funny, hopeful, careful, lets hope Dollhouse doesn't go into television oblivion on Friday nights.

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  1. I wish I had the scratch to go to the Comic-Con. Would have been sick to get some free swag and see movie stars and Whedon.