Tuesday, March 23, 2010

After Dark Horrorfest IV (Reviews)

Last year I saw 7 of the 8 films c/o of UGO.com who asked me to review them all. Well this year they asked me to do it again and I squeamishly obliged. The last few movies I've seen via After Dark were mediocre at best. I even had a horrible time watching Perkins 14 at the theater. I gotta admit I enjoyed making fun of the films but that can only go so far. I really wanted to see some good films this year.

One can hope.

So this be the database for all my reviews for After Dark Horrorfest 4. I'll post a link for each movie review that heads over to UGO.com. Most of these reviews are short (350 words or less). It's not my usual style to use letter grades and not use serious amounts of profanity but they all have that quirky dialogue you're all use to if your a frequent visitor to the jaded viewer.

I'll post each review preview on the blog as well me thinks. Well that's enough yapping, click on a link below to review!
All the trailers can be found here in case you want to take a look. Please leave a comment on UGO and let me know what you thought as well.


  1. Writing reviews for UGO is quite awesome... anyways, looking forward to Horrorfest, even though I'm aware that most flicks will be average at best. Cheers!

  2. The thing about writing reviews for UGO is you can't curse. It hurts my creativity :-P