Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ringu & Ringu 2 (Review)


Directed by Hideo Nakata, Chisui Takigawa

Insano Steve says: The wildly popular Ring is the story of an urban legend where the watching of a certain videotape will cause you to die within a week's time. Female journalist tries to find the existence of this tape and how it came to being. Assisting her is psychic friend who has sight beyond sight which leads to a mysterious island where the secret is revealed. Atmospheric horror neo-classic has unforgettably chilling ending. Be wary of tapes given to you by strangers who have died recently.

See the Japanese version of this film before Hollywood bastardizes the shit out of it.
(oh wait they did and according to Insano Steve, the American version was better!)


Ringu 2

Directed by Hideo Nakata

Insano Steve says: Sequel to the Ring explores more of the historical part of the urban legend. Better than the original in many ways, we see a new female investigator trying a bring an end to this curse once and for all. You'd think people would stop watching that tape after so many people died but there probably isn't a whole lot to watch on TV in Japan.

At least Japan is still making quality horror flicks unlike the films defecated out of Hollywood.


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  1. Wow only 2 spinkicks to RING's face? I would have expected more, but the review is quite fitting. The second always throws me for a loop