Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Shortround: The Scare Game Episode 1: The Scare Game

[Well I'm going to start another little on and off segment on the jaded viewer called The Shortround. Basically the premise is this. If you see a short around the interwebs, tell me about it and I'll post it up. Let's keep the indie horror and indie interweb scene going!]

I've been getting a few shorts sent to the jaded viewer inbox but haven't had the time to view alot of them. But I finally got a chance to check this one out called The Scare Game.

Here be the plot:

The first installment of the new horror/ comedy web series that chronicles the adventures of a group of horror enthusiasts. Their lives change drastically when they are thrust into a real horror event.

the jaded viewer says: Interesting little quirky web series that "spins" our horror cliches and dabbles some humorish stereotypes into the mix. It's clever but I can't shake the feeling I've seen it before.

Check out the first episode below.


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