Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Shortround: The Puzzle

[Well I'm going to start another little on and off segment on the jaded viewer called The Shortround. Basically the premise is this. If you see a short around the interwebs, tell me about it and I'll post it up. Let's keep the indie horror and indie interweb scene going!]

"There is always a piece in the puzzle of your life that does not fit"

It's another round of The Shortround. From the jaded viewer inbox comes this hell of a little short. And I do mean short. It's only 4:49.

This one is brought to us by Davide Melini, an Italian screenwriter and director.

the jaded viewer says: The Puzzle compacts alot of eerieness in it's 4 min+ runtime. It goes into some sort of David Lynch-ian motif and ends with a bang (wink). Kudos to Melin as the sound, the builtup tension and the twizzler twist has a flair for the Argento or even possibly some M. Night. Good, decent short.

Check it out below.


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