Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grand Theft Auto 4's Super Duper Megatastic Emporium of Television Awesomeness

Well as much as I like to dissect the horror-sphere, sometimes you need to step out of the horror-verse and take in some laughs, watch a comedy or play a video game. And if there is one video game that takes a scathing look at Americana it's Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto 4. I've played every version of GTA and loved every minute of it. XBox 360 has 2 downloadable games called The Lost and the Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The parodies, the satire and the over the top violence is a Second Life of virtual awesomeness.

Some of you have heard of the game, probably played it or never even heard of it. But this post is dedicated to the most relaxing part of the game. When your not killing drug dealers, picking up prostitutes or assassinating a target, you can actually watch television.

Yup, you can watch TV in a video game (you can also surf the internet too)

There quite a few shows from the game and the DLCs. You can check out the rest here. But thanks to YouTube, you can view my favorites below.

First up, it's "I'm Rich" on CNT. It's basically a parody of E shows that focus on the super rich.
Seriously, if you haven't seen it before you'll start cracking up. Filled with the crude and the rude, these celebs and richy rich starlets should be mocked and the mocking is uber hilarious. Check it out below.

And my new favorite TV show from GTA 4's The Ballad of Gay Tony is Princess Robot Bubblegum, a full on parody assault of all that is anime. First check out the trailer.

Now watch the entire episode. (Yes this is how you watch it when you play the game)

I hope you got some laughs out of that. The first time I saw that, I laughed myself silly then rewatched it 10 more times. I can rave about the game itself. It really is truly fantastic. Sometimes, I don't even play the game and I watch TV. But after a while, you do get an itch to blow shit up and drive recklessly on the streets of Liberty City.

Too bad you can't do that in real life. Hope that made your Thursday.


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