Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NYC Haunted House - Nightmare: Vampires

Wow. That pictures worth a 1001 words. The first one that comes in my head is gushy.

Straight from the jaded viewer mailbox is something I was aware of but never actually went to. Every Halloween I hear of live walkthrough haunted houses in NYC where people go through a damn spooky ride where you get touched, see some crazy artistic yet mesmerizing scenery and get a total blend of gothic nights and scares.

This brings us to Timothy Haskell's Haunted House called Nightmare. This years theme is the ever popular Vampires. Though they seem far from the Twilight and Vampire Diaries and more of the bloodysucker and ripped throats. Yay.

From what I read and seen, Nightmare is an experience like no other. Truly psychological and bent on tapping into your worst fears, it seems like this year they are trying to make each and every participant feel like they are Lestat or Dracula's victims. I'm going to go this year and report back on this interactive scare-a-thon.

If you live in or around NYC, it seems like it's worth the effort. I'm sure as we get closer to Halloween, everybody will think of ways to get scared or scare others. Shouldn't we just have professionals do this for us?

Here's some videos to give you the heebee jeebees.

And some yummy, messy photos.

The house opens on September 25th and runs thru November 7th. It's located at the NOHO Event Center on 623 Broadway at Houston (enter on Mercer Street). Tickets are $30 (advance) or $35 at the door. More info here.

For more info head over to the official site. For some behind the scenes stuff, check out Timothy Haskell's blog at iscareyou.com.

I'll planning on going in the next few weeks so I'll let you know what's the what's what and I'm sure I'll let the right one in.


  1. For anyone in the San Diego area, dont go to any of the haunted attractions, as they all rightfully suck ass. Awesome pic though, Crimson shower, anyone? Or is that something else..

  2. That looks intense. On the other side of the country though. :(