Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Black Devil Doll (Book Review)

Black Devil Doll (Book Review)

"Black Devil Doll" Novel

Directed by Jonathan Lewis (movie)
Written by Stephen Romano

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OK to complete the trifecta, below is a brief review of the book. Yes, there is a novelization of the most infamous, modern day cult classic and it adds more flavor to an already awesome movie.

If you've already seen the movie, lets just list what's been extended in the novel.

1.) More backstory of Mubia Abuj Jama
2.) More backstory of the ho's (all of em..you know its your standard prostitute/whore descriptions)
3.) The novel's POV is from a Professor Julian Krantz (Jama's white intellectual bitch)
4.) More backstory of White T
5.) More story about how Jama's life in hell and how he came to be in the Black Devil doll
6.) 18 pages of the final shootout between Heather and the Black Devil Doll (hehehehe)
7.) More backstory of cops and drug dealers on the streets of Oakland
8.) More Black Devil thought monologues
9.) A new extended ending! (with a twist!)
10.) Extended Oakland Fried Chicken scene

There's more and more in these 150 or so pages. It's still got that twisted fuck up feel and it's quite hilarious. Romano keeps the same fuckupness in the book as whats in the movie and goes more deeper and thrusts some grime and dirt into his style.

It was odd watching the movie, then reading a book about it but it still worked. If you're looking to extend your blaxploitation yumminess, the novel doesn't disappoint.

Plus we get what's to come on the very last page. Yay.


  1. Holy shit! I had no idea this was a book! Amazing. lol The movie is something else. Damn im gonna have to pick it up.

  2. Just ordered it.