Monday, September 07, 2009

Black Devil Doll (DVD Review)

Black Devil Doll

Black Devil Doll (2009)

Directed by Jonathan Lewis
Written by Shawn Lewis/Mitch Mayes

As I've already reviewed the movie, this is a review of the DVD that comes out on October 27th.

To read my full review motherfucka go here.

Thanks to Shawn Lewis, the producer of Black Devil Doll for sending me an advanced copy, I can tell you that the DVD kicks motherfuckin ass.

First, don't pirate or torrent independent horror cinema DVDs like the opening cartoon says. Just don't ok?

Why? Because you will miss out on the DVD insulting you. Holy shit! I'm not shitting you. It said to get my lazy ass and press play. Fuckin brillant!

So what's in this motherfucker?
  • You get the movie (unrated, uncut and uncensored)
Extras include the following:
  • Black Devil Doll Commentary
  • Cast Commentary (includes H. Murphy, N. Talonz, Precious Cox, E. Branick and Martin Boone)
  • Crew Commentary (Director Shawn Lewis, Producer Shawn Lewis and cowriter Mitchell Mayes)
  • Technical Commentary (DOP, Editor and Production Designer)
  • Audience reaction track from the BDD premiere at the New Beverly in Hollwood, CA
  • Fan Commentary (hardcore Black Devil Doll fans)
  • Photo gallery includes production and publicity photos (set to some cheesy elevator music)
  • Trailers
  • Videos of the Hollywood premiere, convention clip intro and a Netherworld Videozine interview (which has a funny interview with the Black Devil Doll himself!)
  • Awesome animation cartoons from the movie including "Obama meets the KKK"
Black Devil Doll Commentary

OMG. This is the first extra I decided to watch because shit! it's Black Devil Doll commentary. Hilarious. BDD talks about titties, makes fun of the cast and drinks heavily throughout the commentary. He also talks about every violation he did to his costar Heather Murphy and her "bleached asshole". WTF! HAHAHA!

He starts to bitch about not being paid by the producers but gets distracted easily by all the scenes. There's even some quips about Michael Jackson and stunt doubles. Lot of the awesome off color, insanely raunchy and funnytastic rants from the Black Devil Doll you'd expect. It's almost as good as the movie.

I haven't listened to all the commentaries but I except the Lewis Brothers and Osteen one to be quite hilarious as well.


Great video extras of the premiere and an interview with Netherworld Videozine with Netherworld Videozine's Glenn "Diablo" MacNeil. Just funny shit through and through.

Other Extras Shit

As I said before, all the little animations are awesome. Obama meets the KKK is a good chuckle as well as the pirate bootlegging one.

You also get a nice poster/booklet and an intro from Professor Julian Krantz, who describes the importance of the cultural impact and importance of "Black Devil Doll".

It's one great DVD that the whole family can enjoy. Black Devil Doll, so far is the best movie of 2009. It's everything you'd hope it could be, would be and more. And here's the best part. We are going to get a sequel. Black Devil Doll 2 is coming. You just have to look up at night and see the beauty of space and Uranus.

Here's the official PR release from the BDD official site.

You can FINALLY pre-order your Black Devil Doll DVD’s! Pre-Order now while the PRICE IS LOW! Only $18.95 each, 1st class shipping INCLUDED in the price!

The Black Devil Doll DVD’s will be shipping to you on October 20th 2009 first class mail! Credit Cards will not be charged until October 19th.

And the Black Devil Doll Soundtrack CD’s, Autographed Novels, Shirts, Posters, and other shit are ready for sale too! Get your ass to the site, click on SHOP ONLINE, and Order Now!

The official site:

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  1. Jeez they spared no expense on the release, eh? Nice set of specs on those special features, this one sounds like a buy and not rent for sure, thanks for the run down homeslice!

  2. Cool...glad you like. I've got the book review coming this week as well.

  3. the movie SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!! You be better buying a real porno!!!