Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Forgotten Horror Hottie: Fairuza Balk

Her Horror Resume: The Craft, The Island of Dr. Moreau, Masters of Horror: "Pick Me Up"

Other Notable Films: American History X, The Waterboy

The Jaded Viewer says: My first glimpse of Fairuza Balk was in The Craft. (A very forgettable witch gone awry movie that also starred Neve Campbell.) But her leathered up, Hot Topic, nose ringed gothy look was so super duper hot, I began to follow every movie she was in.

Unfortunately, she didn't make a lot of horror afterwards and instead ended up as a cat on the bad remake of The Island of Dr. Moreau and played Adam Sandler's Bayou girlfriend in the Waterboy. She did star in an episode of Masters of Horror as a super vixen hitchiker which was mega cool.

You'd think a hot girl with mesmerizing blue eyes, voluptuous, Angelina Jolie lips and a killer body would be in more shit. So while we wait for her next film, let's stare at the picures below.

That shirt is perfect

She's so punk rock

B/W photos make her look 100x hotter

A gothy wiccan whose nuts!


  1. I LOVE The Craft AND Fairuza Balk.

  2. Agreed. 100%. Maybe 200%. She has a unique look and charm unlike anyone else in the industry

  3. She actually recently did a horror film wherein she was the lead character. i think it went straight to dvd. it's called GRINDSTONE ROAD.

  4. From the reviews of that movie, it seems sorta blah. Maybe she could have been in Jennifers Body.

  5. Another awesome FH! Lindy was better, but Fairuza is still very special :)~

  6. I haven't fogotten her! She's a little scary in person lol