Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fight Smack in the Orphanage!!!

I received a press packet from an organization calling itself FSITO or Fight Smack in the Orphanage. Included in this packet of awesome stuff was:
  • A letter detailing their goals and history
  • That awesome t-shirt above
  • 2 Fight Smack stickers
  • An awesome syringe pen
  • A Fight Smack in the Orphanage DVD with 3 different PSAs
FSITO is devoted to stopping smack and carrying out "smack-downs" in areas where there is a smack epidemic.

As their info page tells us:

In 1973, feminist writer/child advocate Gloria Grey published her seminal best-seller We Are A Gentle Angry People: The Rise of Orphan Smack Addiction in the Latter Half of the Twentieth Century. Though it was often filled with inaccuracies, misconceptions, factual errors, and plagiarized portions of unpublished Jacqueline Suzanne novels, it managed to catch of eye of community leader, Marion Barry - the godfather of the anti-Smack movement of the early 70s.

Though unlikely partners, Gray and Barry joined forces to lay the groundwork of what was to become Fight Smack in the Orphanage (FSITO) by organizing the first citywide “Smack-down” in Los Angeles in 1974. Later that year, with help from several government grants and the proceeds of Ms. Gray’s lucrative mail order macramé business, they opened the first FSITO Rehabilitation Center on Crenshaw Boulevard in L.A.
Over the next thirty years, more than one-hundred FSITO Centers opened their doors in locations all across the United States and Guam. These centers are no longer just places that kids can get clean, but symbols of hope that inspire the entire community. Some also offer Pilates.

Sadly, the battle is not over. There are still thousands of Smack-addicted orphans on the streets looking for their next fix.

FSITO refuses to give up. We know that with your help and support we can fight Smack and save the orphans.

See how this is affecting your local communicating by watching these PSAs.

Look at all these kids FSITO has helped! The people who have helped can tell you straight out it's changed their lives. Damn! That's some crazy shit!

Fuck health care! We gotta fight smack before all the kids are hooked by all those malevolent addicting drugs. Go here to help.

Because as the FSITO motto says: Because Orphans Don't Have Parents.

**WTF was that all about?**

If you haven't guessed it, FSITO is promo, viral happiness for Black Dynamite, the blaxploitation badass masterpiece that comes out October 16th. You can check out the trailer here. And more viral videos complete with a vintage Anaconda Malt Liquor ad as well.

Thanks to the PR people from Black Dynamite for sending these awesome promo materials.

I'll be posting more Black Dynamite viral shenanigans as we get em. Shut yo mouth!

**End WTF was that all about?**


  1. That is awesome marketing.

  2. I figured it out by the time I got the video, but I am jealous! That is some sweet ass viral marketing. Thanks for sharing because that made for a good laugh.

  3. I would go so far as to say fucking awesome marketing, someone is finally getting it

  4. I saw some Fight Smack volunteers in NYC last Friday. Seems they are going all our and virally promoting this. Good stuff. Even in my own neighborhood, I've seen the Fight Smack posters. You may even see some soon in your own cities and towns.