Friday, August 01, 2008

Top 50 Hottest Sci Fi Girls (Feature)

I'll admit it. I watched Lexx. I also watched Cleopatra 2525. Hell I even watched Xena too. I attribute these addictive shows to a disease that strikes men 18-34 years old and can be contagious as hell.

I call it Dark Angel Syndrome. See the definition below.

Dark Angel Syndrome

1.) Watching any particular form of entertainment (movie, tv show, etc.) because the hotness of lead actress outweighs the horrible plot, bad acting and totally shitty experience of the show.
2.) Dark Angel is a reference to the hotness that is Jessica Alba and the reason why men watched in pain 2 seasons of this James Cameron inspired show.

You might actually get DAS if you check out's Top 50 Hottest Sci Fi Girls.

It's a great comprehensive list of some hotty hot hot girls that have been in sci fi movies.

Xenia Seeberg who played Xev Bellringer on Lexx gave me a bad case of DAS. I mean this sci fi show had bad special effects, horrible dialogue and it was German too!

But Senia Seeberg is so damn hot I couldn't miss an episode. Damn DAS!!!

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