Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Acolytes (Trailer)

Let's pretend we had a horror-lympics and we had to give out some medals to all the countries who've produced great horror movies of the last 4 years.

Would it look something like this?

Gold - France
Silver - United Kingdom
Bronze - Australia

Yup that seem right. The US wouldn't if be in the top 5 in my opinion. I'd follow up #4 with Canada and #5 with Japan.

It's movies like Acolytes that have gotten my attention instead. Straight from down under, the plot and trailer looks fuckin intriguing.

An interesting, original premise. See the plot below.

Three teens blackmail a killer into taking down the violent bully who has been making their lives hell.

Simple and to the point. It's directed by Jon Hewitt. Is Australia the new horror mecca?

With Greg McClean (who directed Wolf Creek and Rogue) a splat pack member, will we see a new wave of ozploitation?

Watch the trailer below.

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