Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Insano Steve’s One Sentence Reviews-O-Matic (Japanese Hipsters Edition)

It's this week's Insano Steve's one sentence review-o-matics. If you missed the previous editions, check out Perverted Militant Edition, Japanese Militant Edition, Slice and Dice Japanese Edition and Koreans are Wacky Edition. I tasked Insano Steve to review every movie in his DVD collection but instead he gave one sentence reviews (lazy bastard).

This week's edition: Japanese Hipsters Edition! This is probably the last of the IS Review-O- Matics. Enjoy.

  • Suicide Club - there's lots of turnover in this club. i can't imagine how depressing the club meetings must be. can you guess how this movie ends? only in japan!

  • Stacy - another average japanese zombie movie. in sailor moon outfits.

  • Pulse - print screeno! otherwise, just a terrible movie.

  • Tomie - girl kills boyfriend. dies. gets reincarnated. kills new boyfriend. dies. repeat cycle. wildly ambiguous ending!

  • Party 7 - from the makers of funky forest. about a party with 7 people. all of them obnoxious. lots of screaming. lots of posing. a japanese 'jersey shore'.

  • Stereo Future - another hipster japanese movie about samurais, oxygen bars, mute girls, and being hopelessly ambivalent. but i liked it anyway.

  • Messengers - my favorite quirky japanese film. it's a movie about bike messengers. and the women who love them.

  • Eko Eko Azarak series - 3 movies about a japanese teenage witch. a staggering lack of nudity.

  • Blister - about japanese otakus/fan boys that fight to the death for a super rare action figure. not that bad. not that good either.


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