Tuesday, April 26, 2011

2011 LAMMY Awards: For Your Consideration

Well I've never won a LAMMY. I figure there is a first time for everything. So I'm putting my name in the hat to win one of these categories.
  • Best Blog
  • Funniest Writer
  • Best Ratings System (It's freakin spinkicks!)
  • Best Horror/Sci Fi Blog
  • Best Movie Reviewer
There are tons of a great LAMB blogs but none have a ratings system based on Jean Claude Van Damme spinkicks. Hell if a movie deserves more than the maximum 4 spinkicks, it gets the Dim Mak aka "Death Touch". By giving this rating to a movie it becomes like 1000 times more lethal than it has ever been before. If I were to view it again, I'd die.

If you think I deserve any of the awards above, head over here and vote me in. Voting ends May 9th!

Thanks for your consideration!

Head over to the LAMB for some kick ass movie blogs.


  1. I actually commented on your rating system, in my recent view of "Bloodsport". Seems like we are all whoring ourselves out for a Lammy this year, which makes it so catagories frustrating as hell to vote on. Good luck!

  2. The spinkicks rating system is what first hooked me to your blog a couple years ago. You should win that one hands down.

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  4. Bloodsport is a fantastic movie, I heard that he wants to do a second part, I hope he doesn't do it.