Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Buffy Comic Giveaway Contest Winner is....

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in The Jaded Viewer's Buffy Comic Giveaway! I can't believe I got so many entries to this contest when I was only expecting maybe a dozen or so. Obvious nobody got the list of Big Bads wrong (you're all so Xander smart!) but the puns were priceless and I shared a few of them in the comments on the original post. Be sure to check them out.

Here's a couple of my favorites based on the clip below.

Here's mine:
"I'd like a Double Medley Burger, small fries and a dusted vamp to go please"
And here are your punny puns.

"Every time I pull out the stake, they make with the shock and the awww. Maybe I really do need a nametag."

Vampire:" You fight like a barbarian you prissy little......." (death stab)

"One vampire stake, extra dusty."

"Got wood? I do....wait, that didn't come out right."

"Sorry, all out of A1."

"No neck-sucking on face-suckers for you."

*After defeating 3 vampires*
"Well that was the worst Foursome ever."

"Well that's it. 3 spikes and I'm out."

"Oh C'mon, these teenagers fooling around have more endurance than that!"

*pulls stake out* : "two company"
*stakes vamp* "Three's a crowd"

If you came up with a pun, you got an extra entry into the contest.

And finally a special thanks to Whedonesque for the plug!

OK enough stalling. The winner of The Jaded Viewer Buffy Comic Giveaway Contest is.........

Chelsea from California!

Congrats Chelsea and thanks for participating. I'll be having more giveaways and I have another Buffy Comic Book to giveaway soon.

So check back real soon. Thanks to you all for making this an awesome contest!


  1. Obviously im sad that i didnt win, but at any rate, congrats to Chelsea! I am however consoled and compensated in my loss by the fact that my pun made it up on the post. I did love the "Three spikes and im out" line. Props to whoever came up with that one.

  2. Oh, I wouldn't be so surprised about participation. After all there are a lot of Buffy fans out there.