Monday, March 28, 2011

I've been chosen!!! (to attend the NYC Halloween Haunted House Spring Edition)

I'm glad to tell you I've been chosen to participate in the spring edition of NYC Halloween Haunted House. Woohoo!!! I'm excited and scared at the same time. It''s a little different as this haunted house is an invite only. You had to participate in the October Halloween Haunted House to get a chance to be invited to this one.

I detailed my experience with last year's house in detail. Here are a few links:
It was filled with psychological trauma, mental and physical torture, a bit of full frontal male and female nudity and a helluva lot of WTF. That being said, it was fuckin awesome.

I can't wait to have what they have in store for the one coming up. So far, there has been some hints and clues on their Facebook page and the others who have partaken in this craziness are scared shitless and completely eager to get their scare on.

According to some recent posts, 60-70 invites have been sent out. Last week, I received 3 e-mails with 3 dots on them as did the others. What does it mean? 3 dots? Does this mean the haunted house will be in 3 weeks? Who knows? It's part of the pregame scare and brilliance by Josh and Kris.

So not to leave you in the dark, I plan on documenting my experience without giving too much away. Like I did last year, I'll possibly give a walkthrough/spoiler when the attraction is over. In any case, I'll be posting my thoughts and giving you a blow by blow account on Twitter (@jadedviewer) and Facebook.

So when the time comes you'll be getting the inside scoop if you can't attend this scare-o-logy experiment. Remember to check back here for future updates!


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